I'm a Chinese-American artist. I draw cute and grotesque cartoons about necromance, eroguro, mediocrity, heavy metal, and androgyny.

Most of my comics feature a revolving cast of my own characters. I'm primarily influenced by American comics, Chinese ink painting, and Japanese doujinshi.

When I'm not making art, I'm taking care of my cats, dogs, and chickens.

What should you do now that you're here?

  • Read my comics freely, and help my evil influence grow.

  • Buy my comics or other art to financially support me, my wife, kids.

  • Email me if you'd like to collaborate or send a nice message :)

  • Commission me for non-commercial custom art.

  • Wander my site and have fun!

    Nutrition Facts

    ⭐ Name: SCUMSUCK

    🌙 Birth: Chinatown

    🌎 Location: North Carolina, USA

    📧 Contact:

    • 💖 Fav things to draw:
      • Weenie dogs
      • Old decrepit skeletons
      • Fat and muscle
      • Monsters
      • Big, anatomically incorrect wings
      • Leather
      • Willem Dafoe

    • 💕 Fav romance tropes:
      • Unrequited
      • Mutual destruction
      • Elderly, sickly, dead beloved
      • Spongebob and Squidward

    • 📝 Medium:
      • Illustration
        • Traditional Ink
        • Digital Color
      • Comics
      • Animation
      • Storyboards
      • Prose
      • Baby HTML/CSS

    • 💾 Software:
      • Photoshop
      • Indesign
      • Premiere
      • Aftereffects
      • Clip Studio Paint
      • Toonboom

    • 💻 Hardware:
      • Toaster desktop that barely runs Minecraft
        • Windows 10
        • 1920x1080 Monitor
      • Canon LiDE 300 Scanner
      • Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet
    SCUMSCUK's business card.  it's in the shape of a hotdog, with the meat replaced with a dachshund.  Instagram and Twitter links are @skumsuck.  Email is  It also has protips: Peel the film off your charms, and Stickers are water resistant but not water proof unless stated.
  • Selected Work:

    Ya gotta look at these if you wanna know me. Mind the content warnings!

    (2021-now) Just Girly Things- Lesbian fujoshi webcomic.

    (2022) HOOKY! - 18+ student/professor one-shot comic.

    (2021) Gorl Scoutz Rule ad - Retro animation parody advertisement.

    (2017) Halloweenie Whorror- 18+ horror analysis zine

    Publications and Shows

    • Contributor:
      • (2013) monster mash anthology
      • (2013) finger root anthology
      • (2014) vertebrae anthology
      • (2016) girls who eat
      • (2016) girl gang @ hexmoda
      • (2018) the good death @ sketchpad
      • (2018) ERASED: Asian Americans In Hollywood
      • (2018) dethklok dethzine
      • (2019) yugioh tarot card zine

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What pets do you have?

    They are all adopted or rescued.

    • Doug/Annie May Oakley is a granny chihuahua.
    • Jill is a girl weenie.
    • Jack is a boy weenie.
    • Lil Bit is a granny weenie.
    • Frank/Lil Boy is a loathsome weenie.
    • Keekles/Miss Kay is a granny dusty calico cat.
    • Cheddar Bacon Cheeseburger is an orange boy cat.
    • Peanut is a orange boy cat who we found after he got hit by a car.
    • Mogwai/Gizmo/Babby is a sweet tortie who was dumped outside our house.
    • There are around 10 stray cats outside that we TNR'd, feed and water.
    Where do you get your stuff printed?

    Zines, stickers and art prints:
    I DIY most paper goods. I currently use a Canon IP8720, but would recommend a Canon Pixma Pro-100 because of its larger color palette. I'm aiming to upgrade to a Canon Pixma Pro-200.
    For cutting paper, I have both a guillotine and slicing paper cutter. Zines are printed on opaque copy paper, with cardstock covers. Stickers are printed on a mix of vinyl, matte, and glossy sticker paper. I use a mix of Red River and Canon photo paper for art prints.

    I use ZapCreatives, Vograce, or Juno to print my charms, depending on which manufacturer can make what I want. Zap has a nice selection of custom color acrylics. Vograce and Juno have cool holographic options.

    I use Vograce to print body pillows. They may be a middleman for another factory. I also join group orders (check AANI) whenever I just need a couple printed.

    Everything else:
    For anything weird like boobie mousepads, I probably joined a group order. Most group orders source from Alibaba, an Ebay-like site for manufacturers. Have a look on there and shop around!

    What digital brushes do you use?

    Primarily the default G-Pen and some brush pens for CSP lineart: Kaze Fude. Ink Pen. Tint Texture Brush.

    I use a variety of brushes for textures:

  • Mixergraph Free Grunge Brushes
  • Retrosupply Colorlab
  • True Grit Texture Supply Debaser

  • What traditonal tools do you use?

    A Pentel Brush Pen is the easiest fat pen for me to use. I refill the cartridges with with Noodler's, Hydrus, and PH Martins Black Star ink depending on what I can find around me.

    Pentel Color Water Brushes are for a slightly different, more controlled feel.

    For thin brush lines, I use a Pentel Artist Brush Sign Pen. It's like an eyeliner pen for drawing. It's pretty sick.

    For controlled, non-variable thin lines, I like Ohto pens. They tips are much stronger than Microns, and can withstand my mighty hulk grip.

    Otherwise, for sketching I like whatever I can find on my desk. Chewed up pencils, free pens from hotels...

    Will you draw __?
    Who is Shane?

    He's my wife and a pretty cool guy and a real Chinese chief.

    What are your pronouns?

    For people I know IRL, any. For strangers, please avoid referring to me in the 3rd person. Strangers should refer to me as SCUMSUCK or tempural.

    Is your character a BOY or GORL?

    All my characters are fluid in gender and sexuality.

    Can I draw fanart or write fanfic of your characters?

    Heck yeah! Tag me or send me what you make! and let me know if I can upload it to my HALL OF FAME gallery!

    If your scalp is still itching for answers, feel free to shoot me an email.


    ## June
    + 2022.06.27: added Lil' Ronnie's page, a new character!

    ## May
    + 2022.05.02: added Manifesto page, an artist's staement!
    + 2022.05.03: re-coded Characters page with grid gallery thumbnails and SPIDER GORLS!
    + 2022.05.12: re-coded Just Girly Things comics page with Rarebit template.
    + 2022.05.23: added Emotes page to commissions.
    + 2022.05.30: updated Tentaspy character page. Cleaned up CSS/HTML and added new and art to gallery..

    ## April
    + 2022.04.04: re-coded Likes page with new layout and categories.
    + 2022.04.20: re-coded Commissions page with new layout and categories.
    + 2022.04.25: updated liked music page with a list of covers I enjoy.
    + 2022.04.26: updated links with descriptive text of buddy links, and Ink Shrines webring.

    ## March
    + 2022.03.09: updated About page with new layout and categories.

    ## February
    + 2022.02.22: updated Dafoe page with new layout and categories.

    ## January
    + 2022.01.27: updated About page
    + 2022.01.19: added Dafoe Dick Rankings
    + 2022.01.16: added TF2 gallery
    + 2022.01.07: added final chapter of HOOKY!
    + 2022.01.07: added 8 comics!
    + 2022.01.06: updated all site css!


    ## December
    + 2021.12.30: updated commissions page.
    + 2021.12.30: added commissions gallery page.
    + 2021.12.12: added AU art to Ollie n Basile page.
    + 2021.12.10: updated Dafoe page with mini-essay.
    + 2021.12.02: added interests/wedding registry page.

    ## November
    + 2021.11.03: added willem dafoe shrine.

    ## October
    + 2021.10.06: reformatted comics page to be mobile responsive.

    ## November
    + 2021.09.27: added custom sticker commissions.

    ## September
    + 2021.08.30: added zine. Gorl Scout Yearbook Zine is free to read!
    + 2021.08.25: added artcade art trades
    + 2021.08.21: reformatted comics page
    + 2021.08.14: added halloweenie whorror comic
    + 2021.08.07: updated commission page with examples

    ## August
    + 2021.07.14: added ollie and basile nsfw
    + 2021.07.04: added tentaspy
    + 2021.07.03: reformatted characters page

    ## July
    + 2021.06.30: Don't forget to pre-order the Gorl Scout Field Guide :)
    + 2021.06.29: added Gorl Scout Field Guide information in Spanish
    + 2021.06.23: added Gorl Scout Yearbook Zine
    + 2021.06.15: added sitemap
    + 2021.06.14: added charm + daki + mousepad commission page
    + 2021.06.11: added Scoutspy fic recs.
    + 2021.06.10: added TF2 page.

    About the site

    This site, SCUMSUCK.COM, is hosted on Neocities. All art and text on this site was created by me, unless otherwise specified. I type the site's HTML and CSS in Visual Studio Code, then copy/paste the text into Neocities.

    I moved to Neocities as my host in the Summer of 2021, because Wix did not allow me to sell "adult content" (my eroguro art). Plus I don't like drag-and-drop site customization.

    I like Neocities' adult content policies, and having full control of the HTML/CSS has been fun. I've been learning HTML/CSS by myself by using the "view source" and "inspect element" tools on websites I like.

    The design of this site is inspired by:

  • 2007-2014 Tumblr blogs.
  • 1990's-2000's repositories, such as the bluntly humorous rotten dot com library, or the paysitesmustbedestroyed archive's simplicity.
  • 1990's-2000's cutesy Neopets pages.

    For many people of my generation, these sites were the first experience we had with the concept of HTML/CSS, and I carry these experiences with me into my adulthood.

    I'd like to maintain the 90's web feel of my childhood, with modern accessiblity. I do not believe that old web aesthetic needs to have constant flashing gifs and unreadable font and color combinations. Especially if those things can actively harm and alienate away people with disabilities. I use the content of my website (the words, the thoughts, and images) as my creative expression, with the web design accentuating the focus of my creativity.

    My store is hosted on Ecwid. Ecwid doesn't have complex HTML editing, but I have customized some of the CSS myself.

    I bought my domain name (SCUMSUCK.COM) via G**gle Domains. I've used NameCheap in the past.

    I'm hoping to document more of my site-building process on my Documentation page in progress.