illustration of a man and his four dachshunds and one cat

I'm a cartoonist who tells stories through illustration, comics, and animation.

My art combines Chinese ink painting, western comic art, and DIY doujinshi work ethic. I like my art honest, expressive, fun, AND freely accessible to as many readers as possible.

My work covers:
Necromance: emotionally fraught
Eroticism and gore: the ecstacy of flesh
Mediocrity: Regular jackoffs tryna find love
Heavy metal: Sexual ambiguity & androgyny

I got enough schooling to learn that corporate/studio life is not for me. Now I'm a hermit. I live in the middle of nowhere on a farm with my wife and 15 kids. I miss weekend dim sum, but I'm happy with my family and freedom.

I'm a millenial who grew up not telling strangers online anything about myself. Whacha see is what you get. If I don't like something or someone, I simply mind my own business and block. I'm learning to like coding as a hobby! Look at this site! All by myself, all up in the interweb.

[I babble about my interests and pets here!]

Fast Facts

You can call me: SCUMSUCK
Reach me: contact@scumsuck.com
I may not respond to social media messages.
Born in: Chinatown
Duties: Illustration: cartoonist, caricaturist, character designer
Sequential: storyboarder, comic artist, animator
Farmo: Chickens chaser, rose culler, grunion harvester
Tools Zines: Adobe Photoshop + Indesign, printer, staples, paper cutter
Traditional Art: Pentel Brush Pen (refillable), Noodler's ink, Hydrus ink, ballpoint pen, CanoScan LIDE300 scanner
Digital Art: Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop
Animation: CSP, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Aftereffects, Toonboom
I've been in:
  • (2013) monster mash anthology
  • (2013) finger root anthology
  • (2014) vertebrae anthology
  • (2016) girls who eat - zine illustration
  • (2016) girl gang @ hexmoda
  • (2018) the good death @ sketchpad gallery
  • (2018) ERASED: Asian Americans In Hollywood
  • (2018) dethklok dethzine
  • (2019) yugioh tarot card zine
I've organized:
  • (2017) whorror zine
  • (2020) tf2 gore zine
  • (2020) gorl scout yearbook zine
  • (2021) gorl scoutz rule: a field guide zine

q & a

What pets do you have? They are all adopted or rescued.
  • Doug/Annie May Oakley is a granny chihuahua.
  • Jill is a girl weenie.
  • Jack is a boy weenie.
  • Lil Bit is a granny weenie.
  • Frank/Lil Boy is a loathsome weenie.
  • Keekles/Miss Kay is a granny dusty calico cat.
  • Cheddar Bacon Cheeseburger is an orange boy cat.
  • Peanut is a orange boy cat who we found after he got hit by a car.
  • Mogwai/Gizmo/Babby is a sweet tortie who was dumped outside our house.
  • There are around 10 stray cats outside that we TNR'd, feed and water.
Where do you get your stuff printed? Zines, stickers and art prints: I DIY most paper goods. I currently use a Canon IP8720, but would recommend a Canon Pixma Pro-100 because of its larger color palette. I'm aiming to upgrade to a Canon Pixma Pro-200.
For cutting paper, I have both a guillotine and slicing paper cutter. Zines are printed on opaque copy paper, with cardstock covers. Stickers are printed on a mix of vinyl, matte, and glossy sticker paper. I use a mix of Red River and Canon photo paper for art prints.

Charms: I use ZapCreatives, Vograce, or Juno to print my charms, depending on which manufacturer can make what I want. Zap has a nice selection of custom color acrylics. Vograce and Juno have cool holographic options.

Dakimakura: I use Vograce to print body pillows. They may be a middleman for another factory. I also join group orders (check AANI) whenever I just need a couple printed.

Everything else: For anything weird like boobie mousepads, I probably joined a group order. Most group orders source from Alibaba, an Ebay-like site for manufacturers. Have a look on there and shop around!
What digital brushes do you use? Primarily the default G-Pen for lineart.
Here are some custom brush recs.
Will you draw __? Please have a look at my commission page for prices on non-commercial art.
Who is Shane? He's my wife and a pretty cool guy and a real Chinese chief.
What are your pronouns? For people I know IRL, any. For strangers, none. Strangers may refer to me as SCUMSUCK or tempural.
Is your [character] a BOY or GORL? All my characters are fluid in gender and sexuality.
Can I draw fanart or write fanfic of your characters? Heck yeah! Tag me or send me what you make! and let me know if I can upload it to my HALL OF FAME gallery!

Go look at the rest of my site!!