Artcade 2023

parody of bottecelli Venus starring liv, with the title Artcade 2023 on top

πŸ”ž This page contains adult art. Please be wary while scrolling that you may see a butthole or titty or blood.

Page created: August 16th, 2023.

Page last updated: August 17th, 2023.

What is Artcade?

What: A private art trading event, primarily for original characters.

When: July 1st to August 1st 2022.

Where: Dreamwidth! A change from the Discord format of last year.

Who: 17 different people from all over the world, mostly illustrators and writers, creating art for each other. We made 71 drawings, and 7 pieces of writing together!

Why: There's a lack of online art events that include multiple mediums, and accept violent/sexual/adult art.

The completely arbritrary theme this year was GRECO-ROMAN shenanigans! From the pinned intro post:

Your characters have traveled back in time to the completely made-up Greco-Roman Empire! How fun.. except that Mount Vesuvius is about to erupt, and you're right in the middle of Pompeii! How will you escape and make it back in time, AND out of italy?

Why, with the power of CREATIVITY!

Entry Token

The "Entry Token" serves as the Wants and Do Not Wants of this year's Artcade! We just called it a token cuz it's thematic to ... Roman coins and Artcade coins or something. The format for this year was to reply to a "Entry Token Collection Booth" post, with a comment serving as the "Entry Token". Then people replied to those comments with a post linking to the gift they made.

A quirk of Dreamwidth is that you can't edit a comment after someone replies! I found myself editing my comment as I thought of changes, but then suddenly being unable to do so after someone gave a gift to me. So I couldn't add new characters or prompts after that. Def something to think about next year.

Next year, I'll probably have people make a page like this on their own Dreamwidth blog or website, and link to it in their entry token so it's easier to revise and customize.


Name: Artcader


πŸ’žFavorite characters: Larry and Moe from the Three Stooges

😻 Likes: Larry and Moe fighting

πŸ’‘ Prompts: Larry and Moe engaged in passionate dialectical intercourse

🚫 Do Not Want: Larry and Moe pooping, Moe topping

πŸ”ƒ Repost Permissions: Feel free to repost my art with credit to Artcader.

My Entry Token

Howdy pals. Here's my 3rd year of running Artcade. Hope you guys have fun! Don't feel pressured to create anything for me, I'll return trades slowly when I have time.

Name: SCUMSUCK, tempural, etc

Page for characters:

πŸ’ž Favorite characters: Basile, Ollie, and Liv.

😻 Likes: Guro, medical stuff, sad stuff, Cutesy stuff, Spongebob memes, funny stuff.

πŸ’‘ Prompts: It'd be fun to see Basile, Ollie, and liv in their Satyr, Nymph, Faun, and Scylla forms as it befits the Greco-Roman theme :) Perhaps other characters of mine, like Lil' Ronnie and Tiger Herbie, as mythological creatures?

🚫 Do Not Want: No sex for any character but Basile/Scylla. It's okay to pair your adult characters or mine with Basile in NSFW art. No poo pee.

πŸ”ƒ Repost Permissions: Feel free to repost my art with credit to SCUMSUCK, and maybe a link to my site or social media [personal profile] skumsuck.

Note: I have a reading disorder, and can most easily read things under 2k words with ample paragraph spacing. Any higher word count will be difficult for me to read.

Note: do not prioritize or feel obligated to do anything for me. I myself will probably not have the most time to return trades.

Art I recieved!

The original artists gave permission to repost their art for artcade, and may ask for me to remove their image at any time. I have preserved the artists' original comments, as well as my comment on their art, from Dreamwidth.

Please click on the artist name to visit their site!

from RenaissanceSoul

As per the suggestion of one of your prompts, I decided to draw a sketchy little piece of your lovely sculptor.

Found: an aged fresco depicting a young harpy finding inspiration in a very evocative statue of a young man.

Lil' Ronnie the harpy girl ponders a nearby statue named 'Yaoi'

Ah, the papyrus font yaoi... the perfect stamp to finish off this lovely pieec. I love Ronnie's harpy form with lil hands on her wings, and the interplay of texture in the background is really fun to look at. I'm especially entranced with the tree in the top left corner, very nice line quality. Thank you!

from unlik3lygrader

I really looked forward to draw wolfie and Blowfly,their dynamic is :pleadingface: The forbidden rotten yuriz!!

I experimented with hatching textures and paper textures and it was lots of fun!!

Blowfly gal greeting Wolfie with a smile on her face,she's happy. Wolfie is looking ominous at Blowfly Gal,it has chains on its neck

oooh THEY'RE ADORABLE!! I love the ouchie bee-stung nipples on blowie, and her lil buggy expression is so cute. The shine on her insect limbs looks SO nice, and my eyes keep going to the harsh red backlighting.... And you did wolfie perfectly, naked and afraid and muddy paws! huge mc large!!!! I love comparing their bodies next to each other. And the hatching is really working out, the texture helps space out the visual interest especially on Wolfie's big body.. lets your eyes travel slowly from her big eye to her big claws πŸ’– thank you SO MUCH!

from mewbleu

Crossover time, with two fangirl of gay fanfics with one a bit more... extreme than the other!

Myrtille and Ronnie

It's worth the wait, I love to contrast one fangirl to another.. like you said, one is more EXTREME... you did a great job on Ronnie's "weapon" and her big poofy hair! And they can do their own art trade with each other πŸ’– This comic is great!

from spillingdown

You gave me monke ship so I give you yuri ship :D They asked someone to take their picture. I hope I got them right!

A drawing of Cherry and Ethyl at the beach. Cherry is a tall, slim woman with toned arms and legs. Her hair is long enough to reach her bum, and it's brushed back on one side to keep it off her face. She has thick eyebrows, black eyes, pronounced cheekbones, and large breasts. Cherry wears a swimsuit with a very high cut and a large zipper on the front. Ethyl is a short girl with a chubby body. Her hair is wavy and shoulder-length. She has small eyebrows, long lashes, bright eyes, full lips, and i smissing her right arm and her left leg. Ethyl wears ear studs and a small bikini with a cartoonish thunderbolt pattern. Cherry and Ethyl sit on a towel with their arms around each other, hands resting at each other's hips. They look somewhat upwards, to an unseen person, and Cherry throws a peace sign with her free hand, smiling happily. Ethyl's smile is softer. The sea can be seen behind them, seagulls flying across the sky. These characters belong to SCUMSUCK.

Ommmgmgmgmg THE MONKE TO YURI PIPELINE?!?!? you are a GOD. I love seeing both their body types in your art style, with Cherry's BICEP LINE versus Ethyl's chub :3c. They are just gals having fun at the beach!!! It's so bizarre seeing my lil cartoons interpreted in your details... In a good way!! I just love that you kept the balloon boobies 🀩. HOORAY FOR BEACH BABE YURI!!! THANK YOU!!

Art I made!

Most everything I did this year was a digital sketch!

Please click on the artist name to visit their site AND learn about their characters!

for RenaissanceSoul

Hungry.. for apples? I thought one of his callers would ask him to pose for a painting of sorts, while trussed up in period-inappropriate lingerie! I like that we had thigh high stockings back then, tied up with a ribbon.. now let's make them every part of the underwear.

Scabious on their knees posing in lingerie, holding an apple, and looking up forlornly

for unlik3lygrader

Here are my sketches of Alex and his bears! I saw he likes plushies and carebears... maybe he would have a brighter day with the giant Costco bear, or dressed as one? I was thinking of those videos where guys get into the Costco bear and move around...

Alex hugging a big bear! Alex in a care bear outfit!

for mewbleu

Here's Ollie n Outcast enjoying some cup noodles - Watch out for those sodium levels! I like when demon thingies enjoy regular human food, like Ryuk n apples.. Outcast n' noodles :)

Ollie laying her head on Outcast's lap, watching him eat cup noodles with chopsticks.

for spillingdown

Hello spilly! I like monkeys. And I like Bob cats. What better than turning a cat.. into a MONKEY?! Enjoy the onsen bath! I wonder if macaques would let other species in their hot spring...

A drawing of monkeys chilling inside an onsen. One is a Colobus Monkey, black with a white beard, a long hairy tail, and bowl cut-like hair shape. The other is a Japanese Macaque, gold with bright pink skin. The Colobus monkey wraps one long arm around the macaque, which the other eyes wearily. Behind them is a bunch of other macaques enjoying the hot water. I stole this alt text from Spilly :D

Other stuff I drew

Here's some other stuff I drew for the event!

Lil Ronnie gesturing at her prize wall, full of crap like plushies, weapons, shirts...

A lil' somethin' for the prize post. The main prize this year was Shane's pixel Scout-Maker 3000.

illustration of angus riding a sloppy weenie away from an erupting volcano.  The text reads: I survived!  Artcade 2023

A conclusive, explosive end to Artcade!

We ride the sloppy Angus wiener away from the erupting Vesuvius! Off into space we go... leaving our creative fossils behind for future generations to ponder. Will we be worshipped as gods? Laughed at like the dick drawings at Pompeii? Only time can tell... IF you submit to the digital Artcade zine!


To be made...!