willem dafoe as the green goblin saying Don't tell Harry

Willem Dafoe Shrine

This page contains adult art. Please be wary while scrolling that you may see a gore or a goblin nipple.

I love Willem Dafoe, especially as Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin in Spider-Man 2002. He is one of my greatest art inspirations, from his handsome face, intense acting, and humongous boxy ribcage. I have drawn him many times. Would you like to see my drawings?


Panel 1
Liv: "I fell in love with the Green Goblin from Spider-Man 2002 when I was 9 years old. I had never seen a more beautiful man."
Ollie: "All the other kids made fun of me! "Ew he's UGLY and OLD!". They had Justin Timberlake, well, I had my Dafoe!"

Panel 2
Liv: "And now that I'm a grown ass man, and gobby is only 3x my age, I can draw this copyrighted character doing anything I want."
Gobby: "Cold..."
Liv: "Back to formula."
Liv: "I still haven't met a man who can meet my goblin standards."

3 panel comic.  First panel: person trying to sleep but looking at phone, thinking can't sleep.  Second panel: Closed eyes, thinking Think Sexy Thoughts.  Third panel, thought bubble filled with images of Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, cheeks out.

Why did my young impressionable mind decide to latch onto Willem Dafoe? I wish I could tell you. He just looked so interesting, like a very detailed line drawing! I liked the way he screamed and wiggled and shook and cried in Spider-Man 2002. I like that he's not afraid to make weird wrinkly faces, or go super hard on theatrical speech and movement, and that he never got his bony nose and skeletal cheekbones and sharktooth grin "fixed" to smooth Hollywood standards. He's the reason I love to draw my characters with very large ribcages, small waists/hips, and prominently lined faces.

Norman Osborn + Green Goblin

Spider-Man 2002 is the greatest superhero movie of all time, and it's 100% because I love Willem Dafoe as both Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin. The rubber suit acting is wonderful, he moves like a Power Ranger! Every line he says is gold, whether it's the infamous Scientist line, having a hell of a time with MJ, or just simply...shleeeeeeeep.... And if the mirror scenes with Norman sobbing and begging, knelt under the Cackling Goblin don't convince ya? Nothing will. Total psycho! Total wife material!

Some basic headcanons for my man Norman whom’s’t’ve I’ve loved since I was 9 years old:
-Outfit: Purple spandex halloween costume instead of armor.
-Age: 50-69+ years. Aged up for my pleasure.
-Height: 5'5" (5 foot 5 inches). Short and cute.
-Mental: Schizophrenia, bipolar, paranoia, psychosis, seizures, all of which he passed down to Harry. The seizure he suffered from the goblin gas worsened his psychosis and schizophrenia. -Physical: Walks with a cane. A war veteran?
-If he didn’t perish at the end of Spider-Man 2002, the goblin gas would have gotten him soon after, with a lung disease that no doctor would be able to diagnose or treat.

Some fucked up headcanons for MY MAN:
-The goblin gas gave him erectile dysfunction. Watch out Harry. Don’t get hooked on that goblin gas.
-There is no goblin suit. It’s all green body paint. He’s balls out when he’s flyin’ on his glider, wearing high heeled boots cuz Norman is insecure about his height and the Goblin is boutta fix that.
-He's got a lil purple tunic he got from Spirit Halloween. During a manic episode, he tried on every outfit in Spirit Halloween. He probably bought the whole Spirit Halloween afterwards to ensure a steady supply of purple spandex tunics. That’s what goblin gas and mental illness does to ya, I’ve been there a couple times balls out all goblinized!

I had a dream I made a playlist for the Green Goblin composed entirely of Lana Del Rey songs that mention New York, money, or old men. So I made the playlist.


I really like Dafoe in The Lighthouse. He plays a grumpy farty old gay sailor, and Edwart Colon wrestles him for power and the right to the sacred fap chamber. I love wrestling power dynamics! And singing gentle sea shanties to your boy best friend and hugging 'em and kissin' em and cuddlin' them when you're both drunk and sad.

Some other movies of note:

(1984) Streets of Fire: He's in it for about 2 minutes total, and the rest of the movie is slightly cringe, but he has a great rubber wading outfit and leather biker twink look.

(1988) The Last Temptation of Christ: A movie that's way too long for my liking, and I'm not the biggest fan of the source material. But Willem gets some great acting in with a New Yawk Jesus, complete with Jesus torture and Jesus sex scene.

(1992) Body of Evidence: A boring movie, that's only notable for Madonna hand-picking Willem to be a straight detective and co-star in cock-n'-ball torture. The hot wax and belt bondage was improvised? Okay Madonna, you sado-yumejoshi!

(1999) Boondock Saints: Fun dude movie! Willem's a gay crossdressing detective for about 10 minutes. He goes ham and steals the show. And if he's not enough, we have Norman Reedus for the other group of yumejoshi.

(2000) American Psycho: Fun dude movie! Willem's a straightdressing detective for about 5 minutes, in a very low-key role that's mostly there to wig ya out with his little naughty smile. Christian Bale really steals the show this time.

(2000) Animal Factory: GREAT explicitly homoerotic movie! Willem's a prison-gay inmate who chooses to protect a young man from sexual assault. Why? Well... he says he wouldn't be doing it if the young man wasn't pretty like a girl. Nothing R18 happens between 'em besides a "fake" sex scene, but the character interaction and tension is just, really, my ideal! Another surprise bright spot of the movie is Mickey Rourke as the transgender inmate Jan. She's very pretty. This movie was directed by Steve Buscemi and I really am surprised no one has recommended this movie to me! It's queer, it's subtext, it's just textual, and it ends like all the greatest yaoi mangos would. Buscemi is one of my few allies in this world.

(2000) Shadow of the Vampire: Prime creepy and theatrical Dafoe! He's Nosferatu, with a naughty grin, a lust for pretty women's necks (and sucking on bleeding men's fingers) and sometimes very sad drunken rants. The movie's a horror-comedy, and I cannot imagine anyone else but Dafoe as the titular vampire in this mood. If you've watched the old B/W Nosferatu, this is a really fun fanfic basically. Compare and contrast Dafoe's vampire to Kinski's! Dafoe shows much more glee, while Kinski's is just depressed. Both actors have extremely intense performances and do it their own unique way. It's so great seeing so many takes on this character!

(2002) Finding Nemo: Did you know that Dafoe plays Gill, the sexy scarred fish in the dentist's office? Now you do. Gill's beak looks just like Dafoe's nose... anyways, they based this character on his role in Animal Factory (which is how I found that movie to watch!), which is kinda weird in context of Gill protecting Nemo? But Dafoe is great as always. Another childhood favorite!

(2006) Tales From Earthsea: Dafoe's grizzled NEW YAWK voice coming out of a girly man anime twink is extremely jarring! Who was the casting agent for this film??? But it makes more sense as you get to the end of the movie. He does good with his voices IMO, both his hoarse MILF whisper and his gurgling death screeches. Shane might have his own Dafoe waifu....

(2009) Antichrist: Another movie full of Dafoe ass shots, chokefucking, and cock-n-ball torture??? I guess big film directors have the same goals as me, huh. Men only want one thing... and it's Dafoe in excrutiating physical and mental torment. He plays a dickweed shrink trying to "heal" his wife. He kinda deserves everything that's coming to him. It's a long artsy film masquerading under the horror genre's shock visuals, and doesn't quite connect its themes in a way that stimulates my brain (maybe cuz Lars Trier seems like a dickweed himself). But it's worth a watch!

(2017) The Florida Project: I really like this film! It's in that genre I adore of "just some regular characters doing stuff in a room". Dafoe plays a small role as a hotel manager who is tormented by the residents and kids, and it's very cute. There's something very fufilling about watching Dafoe play a genuine Dad role that's not based on family, but a much better dad at protecting strangers. I admit I cried at this movie. I get sad when kids are sad, and when there's child abuse/neglect.

(2017) Death Note: This movie is shit, but Dafoe as Ryuk is too perfect. I remember groaning when I heard they cast him, because that meant I had to watch this movie. He plays the part to a T, and the role is maybe a little too perfect! He doesn't get many moments to shine because of how well he slots into the role, there's not many surprises. But hey, it's kinda like getting another Green Goblin for me :)

(2019) Siberia: An art film that feels an hour too long. If you're into more Dafoe ass shots and chokefucking, boy are there directors who are begging him to do more ass shots and chokefucking!!! Dafoe plays a sad bartender who's going a lil' cookoo as his dreams meld with reality. He also plays his dad. And his father. Those parts might be my favorite, just watching him talk to himself... cuz he gets to do more Goblin mirror scenes!

(2019) Togo: It's a Disney movie about a man and his sled dog, based on a true story. What do you expect? I admit I cried >:( I get sad when animals are hurt!!!! And Dafoe is cute as another grumpy old man character who's heart is slowly warmed by a cute lil puppy.

Thanks for readin'!

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