Dafoe Sex Scene Ratings

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You WILL see screenshots of Willem's confusingly large cock n ballz, as well as spoilers for the movies he's in.

Proceed to scroll ONLY if you are ready to withstand the full length of my ramblings.

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Why do directors love making this guy fuck????

While Dafoe himself says he's ugly, and many men say he's ugly as well, this guy has so much sex on screen! His first role is as a seductive biker who gets his whole ass n' balls out. Half his filmography includes a Dafoe sex scene (to the point that I included that on my Dafoe movie night bingo). Heck, he's 70 right now and he's still doing sex scenes in movies!!!

โ€œI sometimes see pictures of myself, out of the context of acting,โ€ says Dafoe, pausing mid-thought. โ€œYou know, red carpet pictures, things like that. And I just look so ugly, I look so grotesque and weird. My face expresses things that I donโ€™t even intend for it to express sometimes. Itโ€™s got a mind of its own!โ€

- the gentleman's journal

A popular hentai trope is the Ugly Bastard who gets to have sex with much hotter women. Think Ron Jeremy. The Ugly Bastard is easy for dudes to project on, and there's a certain degradation to the kink of ugly x hot.

But the thing is, Dafoe is not conventionally attractive, but he's not even conventionally ugly. While he possesses very unique features, he's still a skinny white celebrity. Let's think about celebrities who have very specific looks, yet are hailed as sex gods. Think Mick jagger or Prince. Dudes say they're unfuckable or ugly, but chicks LOVE funny-lookin' femboy friday. Doin' it right tbh. Who doesn't want to look hot for chicks and chicks only???

The first film that Dafoe fucks in, The Loveless, was directed by a woman. Madonna specifically wanted Dafoe to be her co-star in an erotic thriller. There's plenty of films in which he has sex scenes that have been directed by men too. Maybe they have different motivations for specifically getting Dafoe to fuck for them, maybe Dafoe is one of those ol' reliable guys who just loves saying yes to whatever the director asks (after all, he does say he enjoys being their "creature"), but nonetheless directors just can't stop watching this dude fuck!!!!

I've only watched a couple dozen movies from Dafoe's vast filmography, but on this page I will endeavor to catalog and rate them. With pictures included!!! Maybe you'll find a new movie to watch! Maybe you'll feel the depths of dispair at seeing Dafoe's O-face. Either way, have fun.

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I will rank on a 5 fruit rating system, based on:
1. PPs (Penis Power score) - ๐Ÿ† The scene's actions and ideas.
2. Willemosity - ๐ŸŽƒ Dafoe's acting and looks.

There will be unmarked spoilers for all the movies.

I will hide upsetting images (such as gore or sexual assault) behind a blurred image link.

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The Anal-lysis:

to be continued...

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