YGO Rare Pairs Mini Bang

The Yugioh Rare Pairs Mini Bang is "an annual fandom event that celebrates rare pairs in the YGO fandom across all series". It's modded by whimwitch and miscellanium.

I've participated in 2022 and 2023's mini bangs. The event is always smoothly run, with absolutely no complaints on my end. I love drawing stuff for other people's rare pairs. Even if I'm not that familiar with 'em, I love to learn what people love about their rare pair.

My art


I'm always here to rep Rishid's unending pure love for Malik. And Malik taking advantage of that love! I started with a more mundane idea, before realizing I wanted to go way more sinister with their mundanity. And then I tried to emulate the economy of B/W lineart that I love in manga! I was matched with Escharis, who wrote a wonderfully dark fic called Promises upon lips.


Anzu/Thief King Bakura, for hlmedinfl. Based off their fic, A (Mostly) Clean Slate.

I had not considered this ship before, but now I consider it CUTE! It's very fun for a modern girl like Anzu to have to show TKB the ropes of modern living. He's been dead for a millenium, give him time!

I chose to go for a cartoony style, which is already highly influenced by YGO's art style. There's some special monsters I chose for the carousel ride behind them.. can you name 'em?