Blowfly Gyaru and Wolf

🔞 The text and images on this page will depict body horror, bugs, gore, and nonsense sex.

These characters that appeared to me in a dream I had, about a video game trailer my mind had made up. The protagonist was a hentai heroine, encountering many different demons in a dark and rainy city. Her most intimate encounter was with the wolf demon.

Wolfie is trying to resist the urge to eat, devour, shred apart the blowfly gal. But Blowfly gal REALLY has no sense of self-preservation, she REALLY wants to get eaten and killed by Wolfie. And she’s gonna try her damndest to seduce it into doing what she wants!


Blowfly Gal is a human that’s slowly taking demon form. She's been rejected by society, and is intentionally trying to become as inhuman as possible (physically and mentally) as she indulges in pleasures. She hunts down demons to indulge with her. With each demon she seduces, her form becomes less and less human.

Her form is extremely variable, and changes from day-to-day. She may have horns and antennae one hour, and grow or lose limbs or fly wings in the next. The only consistency in her physical form is her red or black color scheme, and small overall body mass. She doesn't even have to look like a girl or fly. Those are just the shapes she likes the most.

She's very energetic and friendly, and wears skimpy clothes (or nothing at all). The clothes are just there to look cute and show off her well-won body parts. She crosses paths with Wolfie around the rainy city, and eggs her into doing naughty things like Kill, Maim, and Devour. She may follow Wolfie around for a bit, then go on to do her own thang, then come back.


A wolf-shaped demon that's taking humanoid shape through its ascetic, asexual lifestyle. It dwells under a sewer grate, surrounded by maggot-covered corpses, cockroaches, and constant rain. She has no purpose to its existence, and chooses to indulge in nothing. No eating, no drinking, no fun, no sex. Just aimless wandering around the rainy city, and guarding her sewer.

In its humanoid shape, she generally has long, wet black hair that hides its face. She's very tall with poor posture, and may have a lot of body hair. It may put on clothes from dead humans its found as it explores the human concept of shame. Even when it moves out of its sewer, she's always followed by the skittering of roaches that crawl out of cracks to follow its demon stink.

Its demonoid shape takes many forms between its humanoid shape and wolf shape. She starts to appear less humanoid if it slips into indulgences with Wolfie.

Her expressions are impossible to read, and her body language is always languid and hunched. The only time it truly expresses something is when it becomes more wolf-like and gapes her open maw in hunger. Otherwise, she attempts to ignore Blowie as if the girl was just a fly hovering around her. It's not emotionaless though - she's brimming with negative energy that it's intentionally putting a lid on.


It doesn't happen. Not in "canon" :P It's that eternal tension that I love! Plus what do demons care about normal human peepee hole sex?

In the case that anything with their bodies mushing together DOES happen, Blowie is always dominant. Wolfie is her plaything. Even if Wolfie were to force herself on Blowie, Blowie would remain in control because that's what she WANTS.

Blowie and Wolfie can top or bottom, but Wolfie is always submissive. In any case where Wolfie takes charge, it's never in a humanly sexual way with genitals. It must be with maw and jaws and teeth and death, very primal and animalistic in the hierarchy of needs. Food is life. Sex makes life sometimes?? And the act of devouring, consuming, putting something in your mouth and down your hole? That's so bottom coded!


These designs are intentionally muddied and ever-shifting. They won't look the same between each drawing.

My subconscious was definitely inspired by Rem and Misa's relationship in Death Note. One small genki goth, one big homie.

In my dream, the other designs my brain was pulling from for Wolfie were Bigby Wolf and Vincent from Silent Hill 3.

I had an older character from 2016, a demon who was a girl gamer (into chan boards and shock image forums) that manipulated dudes online. I've also always been drawing humanoid flies (inspired by the horror movies The Fly of course) since I've been a kid. I'm incorporating aspects of those characters into Blowie so I have something to do with those designs.

There's also the infamous Blowfly Girl story that I'm obviously drawing the name from. It's about a girl who shoves rotting meat into her coochie to get bugs crawling in her. I'm sort of amused that internet strangers sneeringly say stuff about me like "scumsuck must REALLY love the blowfly girl story huh /neg" about my other art. I thought that story was gross when I was a kid (I like bugs but not so much wet rotting meat), but I can now appreciate its erotic-grotesque writing. Let's have fun with the theme of bugs!