Johnny Rocket

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J-Man, Twinkle Tits, "who?"

Guitarist, bassist

Period active



150 lbs

20's in the 1980's

Too depressed to care

❗ This character's page will contain depictions of general nudity, body dysmorphia, body horror, addiction and mental illness.

Johnny was the guitarist and bassist for The Penetrators. He suffered from alcoholism and depression, and quit music to rot in a moldy closet.


Johnny was born under another name in the Midwestern USA. His childhood was unremarkable, and he does not remember most of it before he was a teenager and his body began to change. His poor memory could be because he started drinking alcohol when he was 13.

He does, however, remember his parents behaving very cold and uncaring towards him, and he wonders if he did something wrong as a child to warrant this treatment. He also remembers waking up some nights surrounded by dead, disembowled cattle with blood on his own lips.

He changed his name to Johnny Rocket after running away from home with his close friend Jizzabel. They hitchhiked to Los Angeles, and started a band together called The Penetrators. Jizzabel did vocals, Johnny played guitar (though he barely knew how to play), Jack was on drums, and Vicky was on lead guitar.

Eventually Vicky was kicked out of the band for his cuntly behavior and unchecked drug addictions, and he was replaced with Benny and Jet. Benny and Jet also took over rhythm guitar duties from Johnny, and Johnny moved to playing bass. Vicky harbored ill feelings for everyone in the band, but even his hatred forgot to have strong feelings about the ever-forgettable Johnny.

While every other person in the Los Angeles scene was getting crunk on party drugs like cocaine and heroin, Johnny stayed true to his alcoholic roots and spiraled deeper into depression. During Penetrators live performances, his bass playing was actually pre-recorded tracks by Benny and Jet. Fans would attribute his dreamy, stumbling stage performance to "swag" and "personality", not realizing that he was just in a drunken stupor and didn't care. Benny and Jet also played Johnny's bass parts on Penetrators albums, while allowing Johnny to be credited.

Like many other 80's cock rock bands, The Penetrators broke up in the early 90's. Johnny recorded one solo album, to mediocre reception and sales. He stayed in the Southern California area, and taught guitar lessons locally.

No one knows where he's gone in the 2000's. Where's Johnny?



Sickly pale gray skin, with gangrenous green/yellow undertones.

Facial features:

His face is fairly flat, with small slits for nostrils. His eyes are green -- large but far apart, with small tendrils with bulbous tips for eyelashes and eyebrows. His lips are fairly plump, pointed, and beak-like.


He is unable to grow hair, and tends to wear wigs. His favored wig is a long, dark brown style with a white streak.


He does not like to think or talk about his body. His legs are often the first thing that people notice. Johnny attributes their digitigrade shape and the bone protruding from his feet's heels to childhood polio. He is otherwise quite thin with prominent hips.

His body changes with how hungry he is. When he's starving, his flesh unravels.


He dresses nondescriptly with button-up shirts and lapel jackets offstage. He often rips his pants to fit his leg shape, and he requires custom shoes if he's not going barefoot.

On stage, he dresses in shimmering black and silver spandex costumes, decorated with rhinestones, stars, and moons. He does not need platform heels, unlike every other glam band in the 70's and 80's. His "shoes" are just coverings for his natural foot shape.

He plays Gibson guitars and bass.


He grew up with Jizzabel as his childhood friend. They remained close during the 80's, and grew apart right before The Penetrators broke up. Interviews from the 80's indicate that Jizzabel was a controlling band leader, and Johnny was fine with being depressed and submissive up until a breaking point in the 90's.

Johnny rarely spoke to his other bandmates (Benny, Jet, and Jack), opting to do his job as a cardboard cutout onstage and immediately leave after the show to binge drink til he blacked out. When asked after The Penetrators broke up, Benny and Jet thought Johnny was "weird". Jack stated that he doesn't like to talk ill of the dead.

Vicky and Johnny drew comparisons from the press in the 80's, due to their thin and tall statures. Johnny has stated in interviews that he'd prefer not to be compared to other people. Vicky has never acknowledged Johnny's existence to interviewers.



Drinking, staring into space, feeling an indescribable knowledge in his gut that he was not meant to be here.

Favorite Food:

Raw entrails.

Voice claims:

Ace Frehley.


Izzy, Ace, Vinnie, Lexxi. If ya know, you know. He shares his name with a fast food chain.

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Alien form

His "hungry" forms are amorphous and not anatomically accurate. Combine any parts of an octopus, goat, cordyceps parasite, and human skeleton.

Old art from high school.

These have some outfits, costumes, and hairstyles to salvage.