Prozac Dream

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Page last updated: May 5th, 2023.

Contents of this story include death, mental illness, unhealthy bodies, necromance, and teratophilia.

Ollie and Scylla

His ma’s friend fell ill, lung cancer I think, bad smoking habit. He never had any real connection with his ma’s friend, he thought he was just another man that his mom would bring home with her from the bar. He was nice, but they never talked or nothin'. That was just his ma and her friend.

One time when he was a kid, they went to the aquarium together. That was fun. There were lots of fish.

He remembers years later, his mother would bring him to the hospital. He remembers standing in the room staring at his shoes while the adults talked.

He visited the hospital without his mother as an adult. He couldn’t bear to go in the room by himself so he just looked inside and he looked back. He left scared. And his ma’s friend died the next week.

He took a vacation off work and flew to Santa Monica. There was an octopus on the beach, and he carried it back to the motel with him. It looked so dried and emaciated, he didn’t know how long it had been there and he didn’t want to see it die. He put it in the bathtub and he went to get a drink from the vending machine because he didn’t want to see it die.

It’s still alive. Now the water in the tub’s turned black and when he turns the faucet on the water is black too, and the walls are leaking dark water, and he should really call management about the plumbing here. It must be getting hungry. He doesn’t know how to take care of it. He’s not sure what to feed it. He got some goldfish flakes from the corner store but that’s not working, he’s going to try a pound of his own flesh next when he figures out where its mouth is. He’s very sorry for trapping the octopus in here with him.


This is a doujinshi/comic I've been planning for a while. It's a gloomy unrequited love story, about the romance between a young man and a dead man he never knew. It will be 18+ (adults only) because there will be death and sex.

I love gloomy unrequited love stories, and found a dire lack of love stories involving a submissive older man as the "beloved", so I wanted to write my own. The working title is "PROZAC DREAM", after a misheard Cure lyric. The visuals and story are inspired by my own dreams, night terrors, and experiences. There are horror elements to the story because of my focus on physical fragility, but it is first and foremost a story about desire.

This is based on the Scout x Tentaspy dynamic that originated from the decade old annals of TF2chan, but I've warped it into something so completely different that I hesitate to tag this as a TF2 ScoutSpy doujinshi. You don't need to know anything about the game characters. They're completely different in their forms of Ollie and Scylla.

I love the idea of twisting something so inherently silly from my childhood into my own pretentious adult angst vehicle. The "Tentaspy" concept originated as a Little Mermaid AU on TF2chan, in 2008, between a few members (Engineer, Jones. Khorosho, Mog, Dr.Tanner, and Kilomonster). It was initially formed as a concept for the sea witch Spy to use his tentacles on little mermaid Scout, but it became a greater community meme beyond the pornography. There are Tentaspy models on the TF2 Workshop, endless fanart and fanfic, ranging from comedy to tragedy, many of which were created without knowing of the origins of this suit-wearing octopus man.

This is my personal fairy tale. It is not much of a horror story, besides the common experience of living with mental illness. It is a love story. I'd like this doujinshi to stand on its own aside from fandom context, for the few people who appreciate old man ukes. And also provide some historical context for this niche internet character! It's incredible how concepts and characters spread through the internet and garner their own modern folklore and individual spins.

man's face wrapped in tentacles man's face wrapped in tentacles


Oliver, known as Ollie, is a young man of little consequence. His state ID says he's Asian, in his 20's, with brown hair and brown eyes. There is little to distinguish him from the 8 billion other humans on this earth. He's on vacation near the beach to figure stuff out. He mostly stays in his motel room and wanders the beach, and calls his mom every night. For no real reason, he decided to skip a couple days of his SSRIs.


It's not real and he knows it. But this is the only way they can be alone together.

As a result of ocean pollution, this corpse was found in bondage. A trash bag covers its head, a collar of trash plastic choking its neck. Its arms and legs are bound together by cables and fishing nets. Its already dead, so there’s no use in freeing it. After he takes the mask off, its flesh will oxidize and become like black leather.

The “mask” and “gloves” are actually just gangernous flesh. Same slippery soft squishy fleshy material as the tentacles. The head is a lure, the real mouth is down inside the beak. Its beak is retractable, and is filled with human teeth.

Unfortunately its anatomy is not fully formed, because whoever manifested it didn't think out the internal plumbing very well. The mouth doesn't lead to any digestive tracts. It's just a mouth that vomits whatever it chews back up. Ite can't eat, and it can't digest, so it will inevitably die from starvation. It has no functioning internal organs besides a rotten brain, still heart, and shriveled lungs. There is definitely no room for intestines in its emaciated form.

You can't have sex with its beak. It'll bite whatever enters it off. So don't try anything.

two men watching an blue aquarium scene