two kids drawn with graphite Names:
Elle and Ynge


Period active

Somewhere in Norway

❗ This character page will contain depictions of death, gore, and violence involving children.

"Fimbulwinter" is a case occuring in the winter month that Elle found Ynge's corpse in a pond. Elle kept Ynge's corpse in their parent's basement, and fed Ynge using their own flesh. The winter culminated with the town in which Elle lived burning down. Their bodies were never recovered.


Elle grew up in a small town in Norway. Their parents were very Christian, and Elle dutifully followed to church down the street every Sunday. As Elle approached the age of 10, they lost faith and happiness and began staying home more often. Soon they didn't go to school or church at all.

On the first Sunday of December, Elle went to church for an unexplained reason. The church had a small pond behind it, sheltered by stone walls and trees and frozen by the winter chill. Someone pushed Elle. It could have been a churchgoer, or a former classmate, or the wind. It didn't matter who pushed them. It just matters that Elle fell fell through the ice, and began to drown.

Discovery of Body

Elle awoke in the snow above the pond, with no memory of whatever happened underwater. Their hands were clenched around another hand -- that of a child's skeletal corpse. The corpse's jaw was locked around Elle's hand. A cut from the corpse's teeth was apparent on Elle's fingers.Still holding hands, Elle carried the corpse back home.

The corpse rotted away as Elle carried it home. By the time they had reached the basement, the only thing left of it was the skull. Elle took a kitchen knife, and cut their finger open once more for the corpse to drink from. Elle left to find a bandage.

When Elle next returned, the skull had grown flesh and hair. Elle fed it once more, this time with two cuts.

It grew a torso. Elle fed it once more, this time with three cuts.

It grew arms and legs. Elle fed it once more, this time cutting their pinky off through the bone.

It told Elle its name was Ynge, and they had drowned as a child. They were stuck on the floor of the pond, and they couldn't break through the ice. They were very glad that Elle rescued them from the pond. And this so Elle and Ynge became best of friends.

Elle secretly kept Ynge in the basement, and continued to feed them. No one noticed, because no one took heed of little shut-in Elle. Elle covered their broken hands with their long sweater sleeves.


On the Sunday of the second week of December, the townspeople reported seeing a wolf in broad daylight. Wolves had long been thought hunted to extinction in this region. This wolf had no fear of humans, and its fur was a blinding blonde in the snow. Sightings of it increased through the weeks of December. Dogs that had been left outside began appearing in the snow, dead and half-eaten.

Elle watched the wolf from a window of their house. They did not understand, but they did not ask it to stop.

On the Sunday of the third week, the wolf was shot with a rifle from a long-distance. Its body sank into the snow, and could not be found.


On the Sunday of the fourth week of December, a fire began in the early morning. The fire spread uncontrollably, and no efforts would douse the flame. Evacuations were ordered.

The flame burned until the next morning. In the aftermath, it was found that the fire began in Elle's basement. Elle and their parents' bodies were never recovered. No evidence of Ynge's existence remained.



Pale and clammy.

Facial features:
Pointed nose

Long, oily, and dyed black. Hair is naturally brown.

Unknown. Does not appear publically without clothes obfuscating any distinguishing features.

Prefers dark colors, and black. Generally wears large, over-sized sweaters. May be turtlenecks or crewnecks, in various knits. No patterns.


Corpse gray, with blue-tinged lips.

Facial features:
Wide nose bridge, skull showing through skin.

Greenish pale blonde, and unkempt. Hair may be mid-length, to floor-length depending on Ynge's hunger.

Skeletal. There is no flesh or sinew.

Corpse found as a naked skeleton. Shares Elle's old clothes later. Elle prefers to cover them up long sleeves, sweaters, and anything else to cover their skeletal body. May have patterns on their clothes.


Elle and Ynge were inseperable once they found each other.


Ynge eventually morphed into the character of Alexi, the guitarist of the band Angelraper. Ynge remains as Alexi's deceased twin, and their death is one of the many reasons why Alexi is a nervous wreck.

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