Halloweenie Whorror


(2017) Hellaweenie Whorror: Horror Analysis Zine

pages: 28
rated: R for discussion and visual depiction of violence, sex, assault, and other horror-related traumatic subjects.

This is a zine examining popular horror movies through the lense of (queer) sexuality, with some illustrations I drew while watching the movies.

Movies discussed:

You can read text transcriptions of the pages and essays on Archive Of Our Own.

Physical copies of my zine are available.


(reproduced from the zine intro)

Howdy pardners!

This lil book contains sketches and mini-essays on the cultural and historical significance of each movie's themes, based on the lectures from Marc Le Sueur’s Modern Horror class.

The horror genre is highly eroticized and body-focused, so there'll be a bit of focus on sexuality alongside gender, class, and race. If you think that's totally pretentious, cool! Just lookit the drawings then!

I just think the horror genre is real swell, cuz even though it's generally maligned by critics as lowbrow trash, it's a genre with so much freedom in exploring a culture's collective anxieities. You can enjoy the movies on surface value for the creative effects and cool monsters, and you can have fun with readily apparent literary elements that don’t require deep reading to understand! That's why horror is good for any audience!

Anyways, please enjoy these drawings and words!

(I tried to find the other essays I wrote about omnisexual genderless capitalist sex god Freddy Krueger, and the nature of pissing oneself in Last House on The Left. But I couldn't find them on my laptop. So I may have to splinter cell into the house I used to live in and dismantle my PC hard drive to find those essays. Wish me luck!)