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This comic has dick jokes and is meant for (immature) adults over the age of 18.

Author Notes


"JUST GIRLY THINGS" is a continuous comic chronicling Liv's mundane slice of married life.

Hilda Terry

Liv writes gay erotica starring copyrighted characters. Americans might know this type of art as the outdated marketing term "yaoi".

Sometimes Liv is married to another gorl Scout, Sophie, the character of which belongs to my wife Shane. In Japan it's a jokey stereotype that fujoshi tend to be lesbians. I think it's pretty cool when girls who like girls write about dudes who like dudes.

On other occassions, Liv is married to a zipper-masked Spy.

There are appearances by Willem Dafoe. Don't worry about it.

There is no schedule for this comic. I draw these characters whenever I have an idea.

Feel free to leave a comment on AO3. That would make Liv very happy.

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May 11, 2022: Updated intro text and new character illustration of Liv :)