Oogie Wonderland

Cover illustration, titled Oogie Wonderland.  Oogie is holding saber's leg up while her heel dangles off her foot, and his tongue around her neck licking her face.  Saber flirts back, holding his face.  Jeanne is in the background pouting and chained.
Fast Facts
Year 2023
Pages 8
Medium: Brush pen and ink on 9x12 bristol paper. Digitally colored in CSP.
Rating: 🔞🍆 NC-18 for explicit sex, noncon, and bugs.
Relationship: monster x girl
Summary Oogie and his bugs have fun with Saber and Jeanne. Oogie's lair is chock full of instruments of torture and pleasure.
Tagged: bugs • kidnapping • bondage • sex toys
Notes: This comic is a commissioned work. Any resemblance to people or characters, real or fictional, are purely coincidental. Don't try this at home.

Da Comic!

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