Oogie Wonderland

Oogie Wonderland banner.  18+ adult comic on scumsuck.com.  Underneath the text is a crop of the comic, showing oogie harassing jeanne.
Fast Facts
Year 2023
Pages 8
Medium: Brush pen and ink on 9x12 bristol paper. Digitally colored in CSP.
Rating: 🔞🍆 NC-18 for explicit sex, noncon, and bugs.
Relationship: monster x girl
Summary Oogie and his bugs have fun with Saber and Jeanne. Oogie's lair is chock full of instruments of torture and pleasure.
Tagged: bugs • kidnapping • bondage • sex toys
Notes: This comic is a commissioned work. Any resemblance to people or characters, real or fictional, are purely coincidental. Don't try this at home.

Da Comic!

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