Pussywhip #1

aka: Playgoil

Year: 2014

Medium: Marker pen, digital colors, various sizes of sketchbook paper.

Interior Pages: 20

Summary: A compilation of comics focusing on poor idiot blonde bimbo Angus, his misadventures as a singer in a band, and his penchant for getting into accidents.

Tagged with:
shock rock | cock rock | hair metal | dank yaoi |

Other notes:
This was compiled for a class to learn Indesign :) The cover text is based off the Peter Steele Playgorl cover.
Angus is okay! He can die infinitely and live again as long as you sew him back together. His feelings will still be hurt...
You can order a physical copy of this comic in my store! The interiors are black and white!

Da comic

Da end!