Sausage Sodomy

rated: 18+ explicit genital action.

Year: 2014

Medium: Pilot pen Crayola black marker, and digital halftones on 5.5x8.5 sketchbook paper.

Interior Pages: 11 + 3 extras

Summary: Tommy gets a taste of sausage, and he and his bandmates can finally consummate their restrained lust for each other. Cuz it's totally not gay if the full moon made them do it, right?

Tagged with:
dubious consent | monster sex | threesome |

Other notes:
Starring the side-cast of the my Penetrators universe: the Angelraper death metal band! They waste their time in their tin can swamp trailer instead of actually playing music.

Everyone was stupid and horny all along.
Something I doodled over the course of a couple weeks in one of my classes. I was really craving sausages. To eat.
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Da comic

Da end!