SGV Comic

18+ for sexual content!

Year: 2017

Medium: Brush pen and digital halftones on 9x12 bristol

Interior Pages: 14 + 3 extra

Summary: Drawn for Eric Hsu, for his pilot "San Gabriel Valley". PLEASE READ RIGHT-TO-LEFT, MANGA STYLE!!

From the site: "Uniquely Asian American - San Gabriel Valley is a silly & light-hearted satirical comedy featuring an all Asian-American cast and produced entirely by people of color. The climax of every scene is an actual climax! The people are free, open and beautiful. Join Sydney, Jamaica, Orlando, Dean, Virginia and the Delivery Guy in San Gabriel Valley. A world where sex is peace and no more problems exist for you and me."

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explicit sex!

Boba Time


The Last Day

The Final

Designs and thumbnails!

Da end!