Steel Panther

Fast Facts
Years drawn 2012-2014
Pages 24
Medium: Pen on various sizes of sketchbook paper
Rating: 🍆 R-17 for sexuality, foul language, and heavy metal.
Summary An unofficial, fictional visualization of questionable lore regarding Steel Panther's origins
Tagged: hair metal • humor

This zine was compiled for a class in which I learned indesign. You can order a physical copy of this story!

The first "origin" story is pieced together from several interviews of the band where they say they met at Ralph's.

The second story was based on Michael's ipad selfies on tumblr.

I finished inking the second story one hour before a Steel Panther concert! I really rushed it so I could print and cut this at school and give it to the band. Hope they liked the dank yaoi comic LMAO :)

All characters and situations are fictional and have do not have anything to do any real life happenings.

Da comic

Da raw jpgs