Dakimakura Gallery

­čö×Please note that this gallery, much like the rest of my website, is art meant for mature adults over the age of 18. These dakimakura in particular may depict nudity, titties and weiners.

Dakimakura commissions are currently my most complex commission type. They will take the longest amount of time to finish due to how large and detailed the art needs to be.

  • Timeline: 1-3+ months to draw, and another 1-3+ months for printing.
  • Size My standard size is 50x150cm, but you may request different sizes.
  • Material: The standard material I print on is Peach Skin due to its affordability and durability, but you may request 2-way tricot if you want a softer, non-polyester fabric.
  • Printer: Currently using MoeGF.
  • My standard process for these are drawing the upper half on a large sheet of bristol paper, scanning it in, then drawing the lower half digitally. The rest is digitally colored. I have no set coloring style for dakimakura, and tend to experiment with what fits the character. You may request a certain style by referencing my own art: cel-shading (like the TF2 ones), soft shading (like the Jason Voorhees), and so on.

    Most of the examples in this gallery are masculine bodies. I would love to draw non-human characters and girls of all body types for you though!

    I personally really like drawing older (45+ year old) characters, and I love all body types from bony to fat or muscular. I also love drawing monstrous characters with interesting faces and proportions.

    Small Pillowcase

    Pillowcases that fit a standard 51 x 66 cm pillow, great for travelling with or cuddling on your computer chair.

    Single-Sided Daki

    Pillowcases that fit a 50 x 150 cm or larger body pillow. These are one design printed on both sides of the pillowcase.

    Double-Sided Daki

    Pillowcases that fit a 50 x 150 cm or larger body pillow. These are two designs of one character, each printed on different sides of the pillowcase.