Let's order a commission!

First, you must read my Terms of Service. Check out my menu and gallery pages too. You can ask about different sizes, mediums, and styles not presented on the menu page.

Consider whether I'm the right artist for you! Do you like my chaotic and exaggerated art style? Do you want me to draw weird characters and anatomically funky creatures? I love to work with clients to get what they want, but I work best with freedom of my personal artistic expression.

Thought about it? Cool! Read on for my standard procedure for commissions:


  1. Gather info about the commission:
      I need to know some basics about what you want, such as:
      • Type of commission: See the menu.
      • Canvas Size: Traditional comes in 9x12, 11x14, 13x17. Digital can be any size.
      • Subject: What do you want me to draw for you?
      • Headshot, bust, or full-body: No cost difference. Headshots and busts will have proportionately more detail than full-body art.

    This information will help me quote a price. I’ll be happy to answer any n’ all questions, and will let you know if my queue is open.

    This information is part of the commission form, so if you use the form you won't miss anything.

  2. Extra credit information!
      This information is not required, but will help me if you have a specific idea in mind!
      • Subject elaboration:
        • Is there a story you'd like to tell?
        • What vibes, feelings, or emotions do you want?
        • What do you like about the character?
        • Are there important visual details, like freckles on a certain spot?
      • Pose: You can draw a stick figure doodle, send me reference images of art or photography, or I can brainstorm a pose for you.
      • Character reference: Drawn reference is the best for 2D characters! Screenshots from the media is best for live action characters.
        • For original characters, if the references are photos and words, the commission will be considered a character design commission and incur a design fee.
      • Mailing Art:
        • For traditional art, would you like me to send the physical drawing?
        • Would you like physical prints sent to you of the digital drawing?
      • Privacy:
        • By default, I will post commissions on social media with no attribution.
        • You may request to be attributed as the commissioner.
        • You may also request to keep the commissioned drawing private, which will incur an additional fee.
      • Tattoos:
        • Please give me the size of the tattoo in inches, and where on your body you'd like the art.
        • If you want a color tattoo design, let me know what colors you want.
        • If you have a tattoo artist in mind, please send me their website/social media so I may brainstorm how I shall work my art style with theirs!
  3. Contact me!

    Email me at contact@scumsuck.com with the subject "Commission Quote", or fill out my commission form.

    Include the information from steps 1 and 2. Please do not message me via social media, I WILL lose your message. I will generally respond within 1-4 business days. If I do not respond, feel free to email me again to make sure I don't lose your message.

  4. You will pay a deposit.

    If I agree to your commission, I may ask you for more details about the subject, as well as ask what email I should send the commission invoice to.

    I use Square for invoices. Square does not require you to sign up, but it does require a credit card or bank account.

    P*ypal can be used as a secondary option, but I prefer not to use P*ypal because they randomly freeze accounts and I will not use it for NSFW art.

    Payment plans can be worked out for commissions over $100.

    Once your invoice is paid, I will start sketching!

  5. I will send you a sketch for confirmation.

    Let me know any changes you'd like at this stage, and I'll happily accommodate them. The earlier we make changes, the better. Beyond the sketch phase, I cannot make major changes like altering the entire composition, pose, or size of the character.

    In the case that I draw multiple sketches for you to choose from, you may choose one pose or combine the poses to proceed to the next phase. If you'd like to purchase one of the unchosen sketches to finish as a separate commission, you may do so at a later time.

    Once you confirm the sketch, I will go on to the inking phase.

  6. I will continue to send you process photos.

    During the inking phase, You may request up to three changes at this phase. These changes should be reasonable for inking, like adding small details, as I cannot erase traditional ink.

    I will give more leeway for major changes for larger commissions like dakimakura, but the changes may only be for the digital image if they cannot be changed on the traditional ink.

    If your commission type contains color, I will continue to the color phase after you have confirmed the inks. You may request up to three changes at this phase. These changes should be reasonable for coloring, such as altering the hue, saturation, and lightness.

  7. I will send the final art!

    Once you have confirmed the final drawing, I will send you the high resolution image. Your final image will come in 300dpi JPG or PNG format depending on what best fits the art.

    If you chose the mail shipping option, I will mail out the traditional art to the address you filled out on your invoice. If you haven't given me your address yet, I will ask you for your mailing address.

  8. Done!

    Enjoy your art, and feel free to repost the commission art and use it as an icon/banner.

    Should you repost the art, credit me as SCUMSUCK, and/or link to my social media (@SKUMSUCK) or my site (SCUMSUCK.com). Please refer to me as SCUMSUCK in any art of mine that you may repost, and do not refer to me with gendered terms.

  9. Liked your commission?

    If ya like how your commission came out, feel free to tip me on ko-fi.