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This page includes an extremely opinionated overview on Willem Dafoe, as well as my recommended Dafoe movies. Willem dafoe spread legged

Da Dafoe

Willem Dafoe is an American actor, recognizable by his granny smoker voice, expressively bony face, shark toothed grin, reptilian physique, and RAW sexual charisma. dafoe in drag in boondock saints

Dafoe is a chameleon of an actor. He is most well known for playing da foe in movies: a villain who often dies horrible deaths. He's also often cast as stoic father figures, grizzled mentors, sexy milfs, and has a penchant for being asked to engage in booty-out nudity and sex scenes.

My man can fill any role, be any hole, and do any stunt you ask of him, such as:

  • Swallowing wet dirt while monologuing for 5 minutes while being buried alive (The Lighthouse)
  • Engaging in candlewax nipple play and snorfing Madonna's Madussy (Body of Evidence)
  • Getting crucified in a movie and thus getting symbolically crucified IRL by religious extremists (The Last Temptation of Christ).
  • Getting his willy absolutely destroyed (Antichrist)

If you're a director who needs an old guy to crawl naked on all fours and bark (which he's done in both The Lighthouse and Northman), Dafoe's your man too.

dafoe as heimir in the northman

Da Fun Facts

  • He pronounces his own name as "Day-foe".
  • He was hired for his first movie role in "At Heaven's Gate" for his "ethnic" looking face. Then he was fired for giggling during a scene.
  • He's from wisconsin, but is more recognizable for his New Yawkaccent.
  • One of the little kids acting in "The Florida Project" pogged out when he learned he'd be working with the Green Goblin.
  • He has an ENORMOUS ... rib cage. So he can probably hold a lot of oxygen.
  • Madonna personally chose Dafoe to costar with her in the erotic thriller "Body of Evidence".
  • His "Lil' Willy" fell out of its tuck during his crucifixion scene in "The Last Temptation of Christ". Being crucified, he could not tuck himself back in. After minutes of awkwardness, a poor camera boy finally got the gumption to put him back in its place.
  • He keeps in his serpentine shape by pussy popping doing yoga.
  • In the Goblin's death scene of Spiderman (2001), he's wearing a David Bowie wig because he had to change his hair while filming another movie.
  • Only you can decide if his hair is red or brown.

Da Past


Panel 1:

Liv: "I fell in love with the Green Goblin from Spider-Man 2002 when I was 9 years old. I had never seen a more beautiful man."

Ollie: "All the other kids made fun of me! "Ew he's UGLY and OLD!". They had Justin Timberlake, well, I had my Dafoe!"

Panel 2:

Liv: "And now that I'm a grown ass man, and gobby is only 3x my age, I can draw this copyrighted character doing anything I want."

Gobby: "Cold..."

Liv: "Back to formula."

Liv: "I still haven't met a man who can meet my goblin standards."

Da Present

Even as a full grown man now, Mr. Dafoe provides (dis)comfort as dream demon. His essence haunts me and quacks at me in my sleep.

3 panel comic.  First panel: person trying to sleep but looking at phone, thinking can't sleep.  Second panel: Closed eyes, thinking Think Sexy Thoughts.  Third panel, thought bubble filled with images of Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, cheeks out.

Dafoe's influence on me is very apparent in my characters. He's the reason I love to draw my older characters with very large ribcages, small waists/hips, and prominently lined faces.

The astute among you may recognize some Dafoe-ian traits in my characters Basile and Vicky...

At DaMovies

Dafoe is extremely prolific - he's made over 100 movies in his decades-long career, and he keeps making at least 5 or 10 a year!

It may be daunting to pick through his vast filmography, but never worry! I'm trying to do small reviews of the movies I've gone through.

Right here, I'll tell you which ones are worth watching if you're not a Dafoe fetishist (yet...)

  • (1999) Boondock Saints: An action movie with Dafoe playing a gay (yet homophobic) detective on the trail of twin vigilantes. THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT. Willem hams it up like it's Christmas. The highlight of the entire film is a scene in which Willem is dressed in a wig and short dress, fully engaged in seduction blowjob mode to finish his detective work. He's HOT!
  • (2000) Animal Factory: A prison drama with Dafoe playing Earl, an older prisoner protecting a fresh inmate from prison rape culture. Danny Trejo (another fav) has a role! Mickey Rourke plays a trans woman! And Steve Buscemi is the director! This is a gem in Dafoe's wide discography, that I don't see many folks talking about.
  • (2000) Shadow Of The Vampire: A horror-comedy with Dafoe playing Count Orlok, a vampire who's playing Nosferatu in this movie about making a movie. Dafoe's in manic pixie dream demon mode, hamming it up once more with vampire grins and emo brooding.
  • (2001) Spider-Man: I'll let my dedicated page speak for itself. I had to move my insanity to take up less space on this page.
  • (2009) Antichrist: A sex horror with Dafoe playing the husband only known as "He". This movie is simultaneously a recommendation and avoidance. Most people would warn for the gratuitous sexual violence and torture. But I mostly dislike the director's long, drawn out misogyny. I have to give this movie a recommendation for anyone looking for DaCock and DaBall torture.
  • (2017) Florida Project: A drama with Dafoe playing an old, tired, but kind motel keeper. The movie's a tearjerker about little kids living in poverty, so it's nice to have a character like Dafoe's for both us and the characters to lean back on for comfort. Dafoe's not a main focus, and the movie is still worth watching if you're into human drama.
  • (2018) At Eternity's Gate: A biopic drama with Dafoe as a pathetic and teary Van Gogh. The movie is long and slow and pretty. Van Gogh is an old neet, needy for love. But his art is universally disliked, and only his brother loves him. Good tragedy porn.
  • (2019) The Lighthouse: A horror-comedy with Dafoe playing a hoary old Lighthouse keeper who antagonizes Edward Cullen. The movie is centered on isolation, anxiety, mermussy, and toxic masculinity. The movie is intentionally steeped in homoeroticism, and Dafoe's character goes from dominant to submissive, which is my number one favorite yaoi theme.

If you're a newcomer to Da world of Dafoe, or only have seen him in small roles like American Psycho or Finding Nemo, I hope this guide helps others on the path to enlightenment.

He's extremely creatively inspiring to me, from his positive and open philosophy to acting and art, to his lovingly crafted characterizations, to his incredibly specific and bony anatomy. Dafoe is love, Dafoe is life. I pray every night to him, thanking him for the life I have been given.

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dafoe smiling
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