Da Dafoe Zone

Goblin Gallery

This gallery is mostly art of Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin. You may see some stray Willems from other movies amongus the Normans. ඞ

If you want more Green Goblin art that isn't related to Willem's movie role, check out my Goblin shrine!

Last updated: September 13th, 2022.


Gettin' into genderbends: Norma Osborn, Piper, and Harriet. You can see more art of the Spider Gorls in the Goblin Hole.

NWH just made my love for the Raimiverse even stronger and my loathing for marvel stronger lol.


One day I had a dream about the sexy fish from Finding Nemo that was played by Willem Dafoe. That lead me to learn that the sexy fish, Gill, was based on Dafoe's role in Animal Factory. So me n' Shane watched Animal Factory, and found it AMAZING. The year of Dafoe yaoi was thus born in the fall of 2021, and me n' Shane watched many many movies as well as re-re-rewatching the classic Spiderman 2002. I didn't even know NWH was coming out or what it was about til right before its release LOL.

Older Art

Though I didn't draw as much goblin in the years before, he's always been there in the back of my mind... haunting my dreams... follow the cold shiver running down your spine.

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