The Goblin's Hole


I'm not the only goblimaniac out there, OKAY. Here are some pages I found interesting.

Green Goblin baller zone


A wonderful new archive of Goblin-sanity, by the artist Jay!

Contains useful information that is MUCH more up to date to the current shenanigans of Norman and pals. I def need the reading list and "Next Goblin" section to keep track of which comics the goblin be gobblin' in. And you can see some modern Norman comic incarnations (with the waves), as well as art from the webmaster in the gallery!

Shall we be Hobbin on that Gobblin next?! Harry on that Parker? Find out soon!

I am a demented soul..

A Norman Osborn Shrine

One of the first shrines I stumbled upon in 2021 while doing research on earlier Raimiverse fandom. The webmistress is another person who finds Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin is sexy, and I must respect that. She also sees the potential of SpiderGoblin, as practically friends... or is it more than that?", thank you so much for validating the yaoi bait.

The web design is great, and brings me back to 2002 when the frames were the coolest way to lay your site out. There are essays, fics, and also transcribed interviews with Willem Dafoe about Spider-Man 2002, some with choice descriptions like "a measured voice that’s a mixture of a cat’s purr and snake’s hiss... bony good looks and wiry physique... something nasty and reptilian that suggests he is really is as sexily wicked as The King...In a culture of pretty-boys, Dafoe is still the handsomest salamander in town."

The Green Goblin's Hideout

The Green Goblin's Hideout is an amazingly thorough (and brightly colored!) resource for Norman's comic book appearances, along with lots of pictures, analysis, and overall juicy information. This site directly inspired me to create my own "animated appearances" page.

One of my favorite pages is "m'boy m'boy!!", documenting Norman's tendency to call Peter (and other men he's taken a "liking" to) "my boy" and m'boy. This is 100% the minute niche information I am looking for on the internet!!!

And how about documentation of Norman's sexy chest scar? Reading this page made me realize that I need to take advantage of the physical evidence that Norman has "died" in so many universes! I'm so grateful for this site and all the inspiration I've been able to succ from it for my art and writing. I love other people who take verrrrry special interest in the same senior citizens in spandex that I do.

Green Insanity

Green Insanity is a great example of a 2000's era fan shrine. It's got an overview of Norman and Goblin's Raimiverse characters, as well as the author's personal opinions. The author interprets the Goblin as Norman's DID alter in a medical sense in their essays, and by this time in the modern age of fandom that's quite a common headcanon.

Snork's site focuses on interesting short essays that connect the Raimiverse Goblin with real life concepts. Anyone else writing about Oscorp and the Military-Industrial Complex? How about The Goblin In Love... with Spider-Man? I love this quote, "The Goblin’s sexuality is unknown and ambiguous. Could he be feminine to Parker’s masculinity? Goblin was the dominant in his relationship with Norman. Could he submit to Spider-Man?", it's so good to know other fans see the androgyny and powerplay with the character! SpiderGoblin is strong with the 2000's fans.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs is another 2000's era fan shrine, and it wonderfully embodies the "tiny font" and "tiny width" look I remember. It's a small site, light on content, and the author admits that they got distracted with another popular 2002 fantasy movie in their updates. It's still quite special!

They're another SpiderGoblin shipper, and even rarer, they admit to shipping Harry and Norman as well! "Peter/Norman is down right wonderful, but Iam a h0-bag and dig the ever bizarre pairing of Norman/Harry. Is it even avalible out there?" I love reading personal accounts and opinions from the past, for this very reason. These sites are time capsules that you can open up together and get a gist of the general culture! You can see that Peter/Norman was not that rare of a pair, but Norman/Harry was still quite a forbidden, deep and dank ship. Heck, they even admit that the fandom for Norman is so small that they'll look at hetero pairings and self-inserts for #content. Fujo problems are eternal.