The Girlverse!

Spider Gorls!

I like Spider-Man 2002. I think it'd be great if everyone was girls. Hence, in the year of our lord 2022, I have made girl versions of the characters in the film.

Everyone in this universe is a girl. Peter is Piper, Uncle Ben is Aunt Ben married to Aunt May, MJ is MJ. There may also be other changes to the characters based on my preferences, which is why I consider these OCs that happen based on the Spider-man universe.

Truthfully, everything in this universe is built around my wanton lust for Norma. So most of the art will revolve around her and her interactions. What can I say? Harry's mom has got it going on.


Bio: Norma went from rags to richest person in New York. How? By pulling herself up by the bootstraps, stealing from rivals, stepping on friends, and neglecting her daughter Harriet. She senses a kindred inquisitive spirit in Penny Park and desperately seeks friendship with the bright young woman.

Bio: Penny was a shy, bullied, kissless nerd in high school. She's still a socially awkward nerd fumbling through work and school. With her new-found confidence in college, she's found quite a bit of attention from girls whether she wants it or not!

Bio: Harriet has a Oedipus complex to rival the myth itself. She wants nothing more than affection, but she's not smart or driven enough to interest her mom. And she's only "best friends" with Piper because they have no other friends. Poor loveless Harriet wastes away as the weeping ghostly waif of the Osborn mansion.

Misc. Headcanons


  • Norma is actually Norman’s goblinsona. And Norman is Norma’s goblinsona. I love when my dad is my mom is my goblin. Lucky Harriet!
  • The press and general public of New York are fascinated by the CEO’s past (from her looks, to her being a bad girl and dropping out of school), but I personally think it’s more of a novelty to see what she looked like when she was yung n’ smooth. She’s way more strangely-attractive to me in her older wrinkly phase :)


  • Harriet was a test tube baby, part of Norma's many Oscorp experiments.
  • There are other Harrys out there, in tubes or thrown away.
  • Harriet was not breastfed cuz Norma was completely dry by the time she was born.
  • Thinking about that line when Harry insists MJ should wear black cuz “my dad loves black”. Of course Harriet would wanna wear black for momma too. Copied this current dress from MJ in the Thanksgiving scene. I imagine her fashion sense is a bit conservative to impress Norma, but she has a slight alt vibe cuz she’s an edgy college kid with a Mao cup lol.
  • In the comics/cartoons, Harry has nearly the same 360 waves as Norman, but Norman has a neat lil part in the center. So I’d translate that to Harriet having the same haircut as Norma (old hollywood glamour look that lana del rey would copy), just parted a different way so she’s has plausible deniability.
  • I base my Norman off Dafoe (A SHORT KING!!!), and Harry’s a good bit taller than Norman in the 2002 movie. So I’d like Harriet to be much taller than her momma, and a lil on the skinnier side too cuz of how thin Harry’s face in the comics/cartoons is.


  • Piper is Korean-Chinese diaspora.
  • When Harriet passes away (picnic, goblin gas), Mrs. Osborn spends the night at Piper’s crappy one room apartment naked and crying. Nothing happens, and nothing will come out of it.
  • Piper continues her life as a broke college student. Mrs. Osborn is completely alone, in her burgundy mansion, surrounded by death masks and portraits of her deceased family.
  • Mia Morales is a regular zoomer in high school, who likes the Spider-Woman cartoons. Every day she has to walk to schoo and see cringe-ass millenial Piper try to smack cringe-ass boomer Norma’s ass. What a way to grow up…