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I tend to bounce around interests, then return to them later after a couple of months or years. I don't really lose interests. Rather, I collect things I like and put them into my mind palace's harem.

The things I like tend to be cute, ridiculously grimdark, or make me laugh.

You can view more specific interests through the "Nav" bar. On desktop, this will appear on the left. On mobile, it'll be on top of this page, under the main site navigation bar.

This page was originally made for my 2021 Winter Holiday Gobsgiving event, so that people could pick and choose each from other's interests to make gifts for each other! I am still updating this page as I remember that I like things.

Last updated: April 5th, 2022

Currently into:

  • Spider-Man 2002
    • Green Goblin, Harry/Peter/Norman

  • Morrowind
    • Dagoth Ur, Nerevoryn

  • my OCs do not steal!!!!
    • Spider Gorls, Ollie n Basile

Narrative Likes:

    • cute, funny, fluff, growing friendship, mundane life, enjoying da holidayzzz!!
    • poverty, disability, ambiguous unhappy endings.

  • GURO:
    • blood, vomit, illness, hospitals, medical experimentation
    • bones, ribcages, spines, vertebrae, skeletal anatomy
    • death, organs, tendons, tissue, intestines

    • unrequited feelings
    • one-sided infatuation
    • unspoken emotion
    • toxic obsession
    • (co-)dependency
    • desperation
    • masochism
    • love beyond time and death
    • mourning the dead beloved

    • leather, latex, chains, belts, shiny black goth shit
    • medical bandages, corsets, tubes, cold metal, hospital beds and machines, sterile off-white medical shit
    • boring normcore character fashion cuz the character doesn't think to or cannot dress for a subculture

    • submissive old men, (g)milfs, gentle femdom
    • genderbends, androgyny, sexual ambiguity and fluidity, nullo, girly men, manly ladies,
    • humanoid monsters that do not comprehend or care for human law or behavior, brood queens, uncaring gods, creepy lil' creeps that scurry around sniffing hair

Things that spark joy:

  • Creatures:
    • Weenie dogs
    • Fat orange cats with round eyes
    • Fat gray cats with round eyes
    • Chickens
    • Dinosaurs
    • cryptids

  • Media:
    • Themed playlists with explanations
    • Meta writing, analysis, examinations of history and context!
    • Simple recipes! I'm not good at cooking cuz I have ADHD and forget I have things on fire while I'm in front of them. But I need to try more often and repay Shane for all his good food.
    • Cute CSS/HTML widgets and pixels for my site?!

For Art Trades

This info will mostly be relevant to those participating in my art trades & events.

Medium Likes:

I like drawings, writing, amvs, recommendations, playlists, pretty much anything if someone puts love into it!

Do Not Wants:

    • Medium:
      • No audio sex fics, or art of me or my face.
      • Please no didatic narratives. Like teaching step-by-step condom usage or how to ask for consent. LOL.
    • Ships/NOTPs:
      • Sniperscout. Dadspy.
      • Soft healthy Doc Ock and Goblin.
    • Kink squicks:
      • Omegaverse, realistic animal genitals.
      • Daddy kink, diapers, pee n poop n farts
      • Youthful naiveté portrayed as sexually desirable.
      • Any of the above has to be portrayed as (body) horror for me to digest it LOL.
    • Gender stuff:
      • narratives exploring dysphoria, strict labels, character with pride flags lmao.
      • I'm fine reading about in-universe homophobia and transphobia if it's part of the universe's culture or period.
    • Character dynamics:
      • Sub younger bottoms. Dom older tops.
      • M/F femsub.

      These are my own boundaries. I do not judge others, and I hope they have fun with their own storytelling taste.