Music I Like:

🎵 Music 🎵

I'm one of those dodos that say they listen to everything. By default, I'll probably put on 70's-80's dad rock and grandpa metal. Otherwise I'm not too picky.

I liked reading musician biographies in my high school days. The context of a band is almost as important as the music to me. For example, I like the way that Rob Halford influenced a bunch of straight dudes into dressing like leather bottoms.

Some musicians I like:

  • Dad rock
    • Queen
    • KISS 🍌
    • Alice Cooper 🍌
    • Van Halen
    • Guns n' Roses 🍌
    • Def Leppard
    • Warrant
    • The Darkness
    • Steel Panther 🍌
    • Judas Priest
  • Heavy metal
    • Strapping Young Lad
    • Devin Townsend
    • Mayhem 🍌
    • Megadeth 🍌
    • Metallica 🍌
    • Rammstein
    • Queens of the Stone Age
  • Pop, Hip-Pop:
    • Prince
    • Michael Jackson
    • The Cure
    • Bobby Brown
    • Depeche Mode
    • Anal Del Rey
    • The Weeknd
    • Ying Yang Twins
    • Pretty Ricky
    • Lil Jon

🍌 = I'll know a lil band trivia. You should talk to me about them and we can have an intellectual conversation about their spandex.

Important artists

As Chop Top once said, music... is my life. After all, it's how I met my wife.

Steel Panther:

I bought Balls Out the day it was released. I remember taking the bus after school to a Rasputin record store... Ah, da good ol' days. I spent a good amount of high school and college drawing fanart of Steel Panther!

Of all places, Reddit was how I got into Steel Panther. Someone linked a video of Justin Hawkins playing with them, and I already liked The Darkness. I believe they were doing a cover of "Photograph" by Def Leppard, and going progressively higher into a dog-whistle squeal with the chorus.

I ain't gonna lie, Steel Panther and Metalocalypse heavily influenced my heavy metal ocs. I like the smooth-brained masculinity and stupid sexuality filtered through wigs and nail polish.

They're the main reason I joined Tumblr all those moons ago, to post fanart and save images of them! And they were the subject of my first zine... and my first DIY screenprinted shirt... being a groupie is ACTUALLY artistically sound.

I've seen them live close to 10 times overall. I saw Michael eat some weird food (like pretzels and yogurt or something) backstage once. Satchel asked if I had a boyfriend and I said YEAH Shane, he lives on a farm and I'm gonna MARRY him. Once I saw a show in San Francisco, then right the next day in Los Angeles so I could give them my screenprinted shirts lol.


I love covers of songs that highlight each artists' styles. Here are some of my favorites. Click the titles for youtube links!

  • star - heaven's on fire when the girl version is more aggressive than the pwual stanley original...
  • genitorturers - "touch myself" AGAIN we love when the lady cover is so much more aggressive. femdom rights
  • she's tight" maybe a big part is cuz the video has robin zander in lipstick with his granny smoker lips doing the female vocals :)
  • the weeknd - "DIRTY DIANA" this dude's entire career of 'sad lonesome songs about having so much sex that you become depressed'.... we can all give thanks to dirty diana.
  • xiu xiu - "always" this cover is so perverted. this cover plays while i'm melting corpses in my bathtub and the bathtub falls through the floor and now i have melted corpse juice all over the house.
  • lil jon - "stop fuckin' wit me" it's very heavily based on a slayer riff so i count it as a cover :) this song is kinda genius. there's nothing more metal than singing a song about how you can't get a job cuz you got tattoos and gold teeth n long hair.
  • scissor sisters - "comfortably numb" this is what my dreams sound like. up to and including doctors sticking me with needles
  • tom jones - "all mine" this song was already really slutty but can you believe he elevated it to just, HOLE OUT? like SCARY slut, halloween ho? oh my god i LOVE MUSIC!!!
  • joan jett and the black hearts - "i wanna be your dog" another one where the original was skankalicious enough, but the GIRL cover is more aggressive :) evil bottom energy. love it.