🎮 Chars n' Shipz 🎮

I like fake gay characters. I like fake gay ships. Whether they're friendSHIPS, romantic relationSHIPS, or two guys that hate each other and want to rip out each other's guts.

M/M, F/F, ?/?, and every other random character combination is cool. I also like to genderbend characters.

Exploring and reflecting on human relationships with fictional characters is very rewarding. You can be your own psychologist! Whether the relationship is healthy or a completely awful abusive fuckfest, there's always something interesting to think about when you focus on two guys stuck in a room with a sawblade between them.

  • List!

    Usually I get attached to one character, and pair them up with everyone else to see how their dynamic plays out. That's what the cool kids call a snake fujo!

    I like organizing by name order in character pairings. Or sometimes I just bullshit a ship name. I am an asian of chaos.

  • Batman:
    Fave = Slade
    • Terry McGinnis & Old Man Bruce
    • Batman x Joker
    • Robin/Nightwing x Slade 🌭
  • Elder Scrolls Morrowind:
    Fave = Dagoth Ur
    • Nerevar x Voryn Dagoth (Nerevoryn)
    • Nerevarine x Dagoth Ur
  • Spider-Man 2002:
    Fave = Norman Osborn
    • Harry Osborn x Peter Parker x Norman Osborn (SpiderGoblin) 🌭
    • Green Goblin x Norman Osborn (Goblincest)🌭
  • TF2:
      Faves = Scout and Spy
    • Scout x Spy (ScoutSpy)🌭
    • Scout x Scout (Scoutcest)
    • Soldier x Merasmus (Magic Missiles)
  • Yugioh:
    Faves = Yami Yugi, Rishid Ishtar
    • Yugi Mutou x Yami Yugi 🌭
    • Kaiba x Yami Yugi
    • Marik + (Yami) Bakura + Rishid 🌭

🌭 My favorites ships!


MANY one true pairings.


Media: 2002 movie and 1994 cartoon. A lil bit of 2008 Spectacular cartoon as well.

Relationships: Any combination of Harry Osborn, Peter Parker, Norman Osborn, and Green Goblin.

The Tangled Web:

  • In the oblong, disconnected Harry/Peter/Norman/Goblin quadrangle.
    • Norman is a lonely MILF who wants Peter to be his son, successor, and husband (?!), but is hilariously negligent of his own son Harry. Norman also gets bullied and eventually destroyed by his own psyche, the Green Goblin.
    • Harry is a needy gorl scout who wants Peter to be his best friend and marry him, but also wants his dad Norman to be his best friend (and marry him). Please note that Harry can NEVER have a sexual or romantic relationship with his dad. His dad has no interest in him, as a son or otherwise. Harry's gonna die a virgin freak.
    • Peter is a virgin nerd who's not really sure why he's getting goblins on his spider D.

      Other fun ideas:
    • Norman dying from goblin disease, or being dead, and people dealing with that.
    • Delusions of the Goblin manifesting.
    • Norman actually genuinely caring about Peter and Harry, wayyyy down deep inside his mentally ill work-obsessed fucked up life.
    • Norman/Green Goblin generally being milves.


    My Characters

    Yeah, I'm in the fandom for myself. What of it?

    Relationships: Any one on this page! My faves are Priest/Prophet, Ollie/Liz/Basile, Angus/Vicky, Skeets/Eddie, Beth/Alexi.
    -Priest in thotty goth outfits, Prophet looking stinky and dirty in comparison.
    -Liv looking cute, feelin' cute.
    -Angus is a cowboy bimbo who bothers Vicky, and gets gorefully killed every night by Vicky on stage.
    -Anyone in their stage gear. Vicky especially is a goth thot gMILF.
    -Eddie is a sad dad who rides bikes and mourns wistfully for his dead wife
    -The Angelraper band not doing band stuff and just hanging out like dudes, bros, and NEETs
    -Beth manifesting as Alexi's mental illness goblin and bothering Alexi
    -Angelraper Sausage Sodomy comic (18+)
    -Pussywhip comic (Angus + Vicky)
    -Look through my comics LOL!



    Characters/Pairings: Robin/Slade, Nightwing/Slade
    -Robin and Nightwing are the same character but Nightwing is #allgrownup. He's mentally ill and traumatized by Slade haunting him all these years. He has an unhealthy obsession with finding Slade, who's been missing for a decade, and doing god knows what.
    -Slade is a (g)MILF with Ron Perlman's purring womanly voice. I diverge from the comics and cartoon because I don't need him to have a backstory. He's a force of nature with no identity or history. He simply exists EVILLY and sluttily to harass Robin/Nightwing for no reason!!!
    -NSFW preferred with sexy long-haired (top) Nightwing rather than Robin. Slade can be a power bottom or submissive bottom.
    -Slade has no skin behind his mask. He might just be a walking corpse.
    Please listen to Slade's voice and decide for yourself how much of a HARLOT and JEZEBEL he is.


    Media: Team Fortress 2

    Characters/Pairings: Scout/Spy, Soldier/Merasmus, one-sided Scout x Anyone
    -My Scouts bothering my Spy: Ollie, Liv and Basile.
    -Sad Tentaspy hours. .
    -Anything with Spy being mournful, depressed, deathly, sickly, tortured, kinky... DECAPITATED!!! I love living decapitated heads!
    -RED Scout and RED or BLU Spy: they are Just Friends, or just Student + Mentor :)
    -Expiration Date gang of Spy/Soldier/Demoman teaching Scout how to stop being a permavirgin neet.
    -(puppy) (fem) Soldier bothering (fem) Merasmus.
    -Expiration Date SFM, Scout x Spy dynamic.
    -TF2 comics with Merasmus: [Bombinomicon (first appearance)] [Doommates] [Blood Money] [Gargoyles and Gravel]


    ✰ Yu-Gi-Oh ✰ Duel Monsters

    Characters/Pairings: Little Yugi, Yami Yugi/Atem, Marik Ishtar, Rishid Ishtar, Yami Bakura, Dark Magician, Magician of Black Chaos. I like most of the main cast and their monsters buddying around, like Kaiba and Joey and Tea and Dark Necrofear or whoever dropping in!
    -Little Yugi loves Yami Yugi and goes on not-dates with him! Yami Yugi is a gentle loving mentor who doesn't know how the modern world works. Old man yells at cloud. -Yami Yugi will inevitably die and return to nothingness! Lil Yugi will mourn forever!!!
    -I like when Yami Yugi/Atem is brown, goth, and short. I also liked when he was a totally insane evil killer shadowy slut in leather bondage gear with a MILF voice in season 0 + early manga.
    -Yugi in every form loves the Dark Magician in every form! Whether it's the old form of Mahad protecting Atem, or their modern forms of the Dark Magician protecting little Yugi. -Dark Magicians EVERYWHERE? Yugi's Dark Magician x Arkana's Dark Magician x Magician of Black Chaos??? Lookin' cute in my rubber bondage suit. -Rishid would do anything for Marik, desperate to be Marik's brother despite their lack of blood relation, protects him from childhood to adulthood, out of genuine care and love. Marik is oblivious. He mostly bimbo-ly bimbs around and uses Rishid as a footstool.
    -Marik can care about Rishid after he works through his childhood trauma and mental illness a bit :,)
    -Marik, Rishid, and Yami Bakura motorbike around the world, doing mundane things and rooming in tiny shitty motels!
    -Bakura is trapped in Yami Bakura's brain and also trapped in his smelly body. Yami Bakura doesn't know that humans need to shower or eat.

    -YGO season 0 scene where Yami kills a dude over card games. Listen to Yami's voice!!!