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Butterball the Gray Tabby Cat

A gray tabby cat named Butterball


  • Age : 8+ Years Old
  • Level: 11
  • Owner: Shane n' Maggie
  • Gender: Boil
  • Height: IDK like a foot tall.
  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Hit Points: 5/7
  • Strength: 7
  • Defense: 5
  • Movement: 3
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Ability: Thick Fat
  • Moves:
  • Headbutt
  • Bite
  • Round
  • Shadow Sneak
cute award, featuring a monkey with a pink bow

Backstory: Butterball's real mommy was our neighbor for years. I think they just found him on the floor outside as a kitten. He's at least 5 years old? We had a really bad storm in our area, and a tree fell through the house and destroyed it. His mommy had to move away, and told us to take care of Butterball til she came back to get him. She left us with his roofed litter box and a half-bag of cat food. Well, she's never come back to get him LOL. And his litter box broke in the first 2 weeks of me cleaning it. Such is life! He might as well be ours now.

At first he was really scared and shy for the first like... 8 months he lived here. He would hide in the closet underneath the jackets, so we set up some blankies and pillows for him. He didn't get along with any of the other cats. But now he's outside in the living room pretty much all the time, lounging on blankets on top of an old inactive cast iron stove.

He gets along okay with the other cats now! He sits by the window with Cheddar and Randy during the day, and they don't fight TOO MUCH. Sometimes Randy gets too affectionate and nuzzley, and Butterball chomps Randy's head and ears and runs away. That's a big improvement over just running away as soon as he sees him! The kittens like to look at Butterball too, and headbutt him with no reaction.

Butterball is the most affectionate to us gorilla-humans now..! He's always there at night to watch you sit on the toilet, and he aggressively headbutts you while you're trapped on the porcelain throne. He's got a nice fat primordial pouch that flattens on the counter when he sits down. He used to be a LOT heavier with his real mommy (hence his name Butterball?), but now he's less ball shaped and more regular cat shaped. Just a lil' loose skin on the belly!

He's sort of a generic grey tabby cat, and I love that about him. So normal, but so weird in personality. Skulks around looking like a creature at 2am, stares at you like you're going to eat him, but then lets you pet him and suddenly starts rubbing against you. His noticeable traits are his white spots on his forehead above his nose, and the black spots on his pink nose. He also has some interesting black and pink lipstick on his bottom lip, and he has the most wonderful fingerless gloves and white toes.

The funniest thing is the last time when his mommy's daughter visited him, Butterball hissed at her LOL. I guess it's gonna be hard for his real mommy to pick him back up now if he doesn't wanna be friendly to them any more!