spy tf2 in his reading room. Text on top reads: Scout/Spy Fic Rec List

This rec list is always under construction! If you have any recommendations, whether you've found a fic or you've written one, I'd love to read it! My main language is English, but I will go through translators to read other langauges!

Send recs to contact@scumsuck.com!

    👌 My tastes include:
    • aggressive virgin TOP SCOUT giving affection to an aloof and WAY OUT OF HIS LEAGUE spy.
    • when spy is nice to scout and cares about him.
    • when spy is kinda mean to scout in a sexy milfy way.
    • platonic friendship, abrasive rivalry
    • meandering character studies!
    • kinky consensual handh*lding missionary for procreation if i am feeling saucy....
    ⛔ I don't like:
    • spy taking advantage of scout
    • noncon + incest dad spy
    • daddy kink, dom-top spy
    • do you notice a trend
    • (I CAN read dadspy, but it has to be really well written and/or psychologically driven for me to appreciate it.)

No shame to anyone who enjoys these subjects, they are simply not my cup of boba milk tea.

Despite my reputation as some insane necrophiliac kink monster, I'm actually quite vanilla normie in my tastes and just like a nice emotional story. I just sometimes like the characters to die and be mourned :)

I've drawn fanart for some of these fics. Click on the images for a bigger (possible NSFW) version!


Stuff written for me, like commissions and gifts and trades?! Thank you!

"A Beginner's Guide to Blackmail" by TeratoMarty

Tags: Dubcon Student/Teacher

Description: No-pants WWE in a high school AU

Comments: Based on my weed Scout n' sensei Spy, before I named them Ollie and Basile. It perfectly encapsulates how awkward Scout's attempts at "blackmail" and sex are, how tired Spy is of being dicked around, and plays with their power dynamic in a fun way!
cropped illustration of spy tf2 in a latex mask
[🗣 English] [☰ 2743] [🌶 18+]

"Beat Your Meat 'N' Greet" by Anonymous

Tags: Dubcon Fanboy/Actor Dumpster Sex

Description: Okay, maybe it's a little weird.

Comments: The continuation to Celebrity Fear. I requested that the author write more of this Scout and Spy (Thaddaus!), and it's AMAZING. The power difference and power flip just makes everything SUPER JUICY. Scout's disgusting, both physically and in action, and that plays off so nicely in contrast to depressed old Spy tryna keep it cool.
cropped illustration of spy tf2 maskless and sweating.  Scout is licking his leg.
[🗣 English] [☰ 4720] [🌶 18+]

"L'risque" by DrRektor

Tags: Solo Crossdressing Implied Relationships

Description: Scout likes to make fun of Spy. He's funny like that.

Comments: Based on me n' DrRektor's discussions on Scout's masturbatory habits :^) Very short, very pathetic Scout.
Scout saying 'I am a woman, What a load!'
[🗣 English] [☰ 362] [🌶 18+]

"Monzon" by Summersgone

Tags: Student/Teacher Unhealthy Relationships

Description: Basile le da un aventón a Ollie.

Comments: Based on my Scout and Spy -- Ollie and Basile. I just love how moody and gloomy it is. And there's just TINY displays of affection that mean nothing but feel like everything. It's beautiful!
[🗣 Español] [☰ 1963] [🌶 18+]

"Don't get ahead of yourself, you might regret it" by Mikiri_Tohoshima

Tags: Kidnapping Body Horror Decapitation

Description: BLU spy had been kidnapped by RED medic and rescued by BLU scout. Probably

Comments: A Scout and BLU Spy head fic I requested, with the single-word prompt "kidnapping". You know what happens next.
[🗣 English] [☰ 3625] [🌶 18+]


No sex scenes. From Scout and Spy standing 5 ft apart because they're barely friends, to intense FRIENDSHIP and FEELINGS.

"Epistolar" by Summersgone

Tags: Office AU Platonic Relationships

Description: Aquello vinculado a una epístola, a una carta. Relación entre dos personas, llevada por correspondencia bilateral.

Comments: A SUPERB exploration Scout and Spy's semi-abrasive, platonic (yet ambiguous) friendship, in the battleground of an office rather than the desert. The characterization of Scout as an over-affectionate friend, and Spy as someone who's aware of these attempts to court friendship but attempts to push them away... that's TOTALLY chef's kiss.
Scout saying 'I am a woman, What a load!'
[🗣 Spanish] [☰ 11,436] [🌶 13+ ]

"Lecho de Compasion" by Summersgone made me cry. Scout finds a baby bird and deals with taking care of it. The focus isn't exactly Scout and Spy's relationship, but it's a very fine character study of how they both deal with their issues in their own (similar yet different) ways.

"Pastoral" by Summersgone is a nice quickie fic with that good ol' grumpy Spy and buggy Scout interaction!

“Overhand, Underhand” by SugarMagic is a CLASSIC. Mostly SFW with some non-explicit sexual stuff that Scout gets up to. Nice long-ish read, SLOW BURN and fluffy n’ indulgent. And I can’t get over how it ends. Spy’s such a tease to Scout, much more flirtatious and reciprocal than I'd usually write him, and it's very satisfying. Scout pursues Spy and emotionally tops AND ends up being a protector of sorts to Spy huhuhuh.


18+ only. These can include stories with sex scenes, or straight up PORNOGRAPHY starring your father.

"Saudade" by Banimal

Tags: Amputation Blowjob

Description: Scout has suffered a debilitating injury and no longer works for BLU. Spy pays him a visit with undisclosed intentions. Originally written for the TF2chan Secret Santa.

Comments: One of my favorite Scout/Spy fics, it gives me what the kids call da feelz. It’s sweet and cute and I could talk about it all day. Spy in an apron, cooking and cleaning, is my motherfucking waifu. I talk big talk about Spy not caring for Scout and friendzoning him, but..BUT.... I love caring mommy Spy... I JUST NEED! LOVE AND AFFECTION!
[🗣 English] [☰ 4,841] [🌶 18+ ]

"make me come alive (turn me on)" by anonymous

Tags: Heat Knotting Bottom Scout

Description: The heat rolls in like a wildfire, and once it starts there's no stopping it.

Comments: Porny-with-some-feelingz SpyScout. WITH CATBOYS. My god. It's bottom Scout, but you KNOW it must be good since I drew fanart of it! Scout goes after Spy and Spy is nice to Scout, and it's ok for Spy to top if he's some kinda monster. The writer knows how to get across painful fever feelings too well. And it’s really sweet at the end. D-d-don’t tell anyone but… I like Spy being nice to Scout and reassuring him…
cropped illustration of spy tf2 and scout having missionary procreation
[🗣 English] [☰ 5,538] [🌶 18+ ]

"Celebrity Fear" by Anonymous. Excellent fappy-time Scout with a side of pathetique-ness, it's one-sided attraction with Spy having NO IDEA who Scout is, and Scout NEVER getting laid, which is absolutely perfect for me. Scout's a nasty greasy basement dwelling lad in this fic, and I can't help but feel called out...

"Act of Approach" by orphann_account is the Expiration Date AU we deserve. It's quite straightforward, and very satisfying. Cuz FINALLY. FINALLY!!! The homoerotic undertones of Spy asking Scout to seduce him are fufilled! Scout and Spy are very in character, and of course I love eager virgin Scout and tired seductress Spy.

“Depth Charge” by unicornsandbutane is a nice looooong smutty-with-feelingz TentaSpy/Scout. One of the few Tentaspy fics that got me to read to the end. Scout bottoms (to tentacles), but he pursues Spy (tentacles!) so it’s all good in the hood. The Scout dialogue in this is really entertaining, he’s such a dingus. I like Scout stealing Spy’s stuff and fapping in this fic, classic Scout.


Shorts, snippets, and non-romantic stuff.

"Like Father, Like Son" by DrScout is probably the most gut-wrenching fic Spy and Scout I've read. CW: gore, abuse, nonconsent, and I'd probably add nonsexual incest. It's not "shippy" in any romantic sense, there is no sex, and Spy is Scout's dad. But this is probably more emotionally torturous to me than any Spy/Scout fic tagged incest. The violation of body is akin to rape. This story made me upset without having literal incest and rape in it, so good job to it!!! It affected me so much that I wrote a whole twitter thread about it...

“Window Art” by Banimals. Very short, cute as fuk. The whole team compliments Scout’s art, and I believe this fic was written before Expiration Date when it's revealed that Scout likes to draw :,)

“Joyeux Noel” by babyblueavenger is a (gasp) SFW Spy & Scout christmas fluff. Not necessarily a pairing, but it’s a D*dspy that I accept cuz it’s super ambiguous. I just like Spy and Scout interacting man, I like dialogue between ‘em. Plus it’s a rather cute idea that Scout (from irish-american Boston) and Spy (from Catholic-dominated France) would accidentally meet at church. Content warning ambiguous DADSPY.

“Shopping with Spy and Scout” by sillyscrunchy. With HUFFFF Scout topping. Kinda. Another one with a tease ending. No matter what, Scout just can’t get his dick real wet, huh? I know Scout was bout to put it in though...

“Put Ur Fuckin Clothes Back On” by ElloMenoP. Ostensibly Scout wants to bottom, but hey he pursues and annoys Spy so it’s okey dokey. No-buttsex. Just fapping each other. The writing in this could be cleaned up a bit for clarity, but the core idea is very fun!