TF2 Shrine

headshot drawings of all the TF2 classes

Taking inspiration from spillingdown's shrine page and marinehaddock's guide to making fansites, here's my fan resume for TF2.

Year released: 2007
Years active:

2007-2009: I was there when it was released and the *chan boards were flooded with gay porn, to the point that tf2chan was created as containment. Never had the computer specs to play the game (nor the money since I was a kid), but I appreciated the SFMs, fanart, and fanfic.

2018-2020: I rewatched Expiration Date with Shane and the sheer yaoi bait of it all spiraled me into ScoutSpy hell. I had a tumblr sideblog where I drew requests. Then after years of assholes in my notifications, I took my ball and went home and turned Scout and Spy into my OCs.

Series watched: Watched all the SFMs as they came out. Videogame played in 2018. The TF2 comics are not my favorite canon, the freedom of the videogame and SFM's non-stories are the best for creativity ;)
Favorite characters I kin with Scout and I wanna bonk Spy. In-game, I like to play:
  • Whip n' toot Soldier
  • Medic gf that ignores everyone but my irl friend I'm playing with
  • Scout that runs out and immediately dies. I like running and jumping :)
  • Screaming Demoknight
  • Turtle wrangler Engie
  • BAPping minisentry Engie
  • Crouching friendly Heavy with Sandvich.
Favorite scene Meet The Spy SFM: Spy reveals that the enemy spy has been bonking Scout's mom.
OTP ScoutSpy 🌭🥐
Favorite OTP moment Expiration Date SFM: Scout has a "fake" date with Spy so he can learn how to talk to girls.
Other ships I like
  • Soldier x Merasmus (SollyMera or Magic Missiles)
  • Most Scout ships with Scout as the pursuing partner. Examples: ScoutSoldier, ScoutDemo, ScoutHeavy, ScoutMedic.
  • Scout x Scout (Scoutcest)
  • Medic x Spy
Fav tropes Genderbend, respawn didn't work right, comedy gore, selfcest, guys being dudes and accidentally being gay.
Fav fic

"Saudade" by Banimal.

I have more fic recs on my scoutspy page :)

Fav vidders:
Fav fan animation

"Left Inside" by KrasniyB.

Such a great Soldier and Spy animation with sick music.

Landmines 💥 sniperscout, 💥 bottom scout, 💥 insisting any of the characters are morally good

My favorite game mode is Payload, and I like turtling as RED defense. Thunder Mountain might be my favorite map, then all the Halloween maps are great. I'm not good at the game, I just like jumping around and making cartoon noises at my pals.

I don't care for dadspy. I'd rather Scout's mom just have a nonchalant fuckbuddy in Spy, and for there to be more fun and free ambiguity in the Scout and Spy relationship like there was in 2009 :)

In fact, I like ambiguity in the "loose canon" of TF2 more than any straight facts. I don't like any of the comics giving the characters first names or birthdays. I don't like the fans that harass the voice actors into saying "heavymedic is canon". I don't like the fans that harass other fans because their straight ship or lore is "canon". I like that you can act out any story you want with these lil' video game characters that were originally meant to be country stereotypes, and that's what originally drew me to the fan SFMs, fanfics, fanart, and official SFMs of TF2.


Name order matters for young/old ships. Thesis: Young is the giver of affection, Old is the recipient of affection. As a result Scout always pursues, UNLESS he's paired with a girl, in which case the girl kills or doms him. I don't really care about name order for most ships with no age or power gap, like demo/solly or pretty much any non-scout ship.

🥰 top!Scout x bottom!Spy (scoutspy) is best, get the name order right when you write my callout.

♥ I like it!

✓ Okay!

🚫 NO top!Sniper x bottom!Scout (sniperscout). Scout x Sniper (scoutsniper) is acceptable as Just Friends.

🚫 NO top!Spy x bottom!Scout (spyscout).

Blank means no strong feelings. I may have drawn it as Just Friends or FWB.

Scout Solly Pyro Demo Heavy Engie Medic Sniper Spy Merasmus Pauling Admin
Scout ❤❤ 🚫 🥰
Solly ✓✓ ❤❤
Sniper 🚫
Spy 🥰
Merasmus ❤❤