Pro Wrestling Shrine

I've enjoyed watching pro-wrestling since I was a kid. I remember watching the Monday night wars of WWE and WCW on tv at my cousins' houses on channel 12. I also had some wrasslin' video games on the SNES growing up - specifically WWF Royal Rumble (1993) and WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling (1994). Usually I'd choose Razor Ramon as my character because he had black hair and I also had black hair.

Here are some thoughts and images I made about wrassling.


The Undertaker

As a tiny tot, the Undertaker's dark and supernatural image immediately grabbed a hold of me. Here's a dude with long nasty hair, sunken eyes, and purple gloves. Also he shoots lightning and pushes people into coffins. Perfect for me!


I love me a silent masked killer! Kane and Undertaker come as a package deal for me. Their family drama left an imprint on my young mind, what with everyone being undead and shooting fire and lightning. Kane's actor is really great at portraying big scary men - his slasher movie See No Evil (2006) is whatever but his lumbering-into-sudden-violence character movement is PHENOMENAL.

Brock Lesnar

He's big and meaty and turns bright pink when he's enraged. I like seeing beef slap beef, what can I say? The ultraviolence of his in-ring action contrasted with his lisping high-pitched promo voice is great too.

Paul Heyman

Dude is LOUD and delightfully evil onstage. I really love his friendship with Brock Lesnar in and out of the ring.

The Boogeyman

How can you not fall in love with a guy covered in body paint, crawling on the floor, and eating worms? He's just everything great about the carnie horror side of wrestling.


Now here's a man of dualities! He's a Texas redneck who plays a effeminate latex sex freak in the ring. It's sort of the same deal as the devil character "Him" from the Powerpuff Girls. No doubt his character was born of 90's typical gay panic and trans terror, as he was tailor made to elicit discomfort from a straight audience. But as a kid, growing up as some-kinda-something, you feel a certain affinity for the androgynous villain.

After his villain stint, Goldust DOES get well-recieved runs as a comedy tag-team partner. And the man behind the make-up has a trans kid now, as well as being vocally supportive of transgender wrestlers by telling trolls to "eat shit". Can we say there's a bit of a redemption arc with this character?


Goldust's little brother Cody went coo-coo and came up with his own black and gold sex freak character. He's the manic pixie dreamgirl version of Goldust, with a more smooth twinkish look compared to his top-heavy and paunchy older brother. I know his run was extremely unpopular, and even I think their storyline was unsatisfying and unresolved. But I'm still a sucker for a weirdo in black latex.

Luna Vachon

She's a scary buff lady with a smoker's voice and a penchant for leather. I like it! She appeared with Goldust in the WWF days, though they didn't get to do much in the ring.


She had black hair, and I had black hair. That was enough for me to fall in love as a child. Plus she was one of the very few MUSCULAR ladies of the Attitude Era that I grew up on, which is a great contrast to the thin blonde models that were doing bra and panty matches at the time. I love her leather domme look, and her silent bodyguard personality. The real woman behind the wrestling persona is fascinating too.