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Liv x Basile

Timeline: Student/Teacher High School !

Liv is enamoured with her teacher, Mr.S. She creates fantastic stories in her head about being in love with him. Basile must fend off her aggressive attempts at affection, and make it out of the school year alive. He's at massive risk of getting bound, tortured, and kidnapped by this manic pixie yumejoshi!!

Timeline: Student/Student High School:

Liv and Basile-as-Anise are high schoolers. Liv loves Anise, and Anise doesn't care. Anime rom-com hijinks ensue.

Ollie x Basile

The base game, no expansions or DLC. Ollie loves Basile. Basile wants to remain Just Friends.


Somehow, Ollie or Liv have managed to marry Basile! And they have many bouncing babies to take care of that look exactly like Ollie and Liv~! This is a complete fantasy by Ollie and Liv, that will never happen in real life.

The gang!

2 Scouts

All 3!

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