Senspai AU Gallery

This page will contain suggestive art, of Ollie and Basile and Liv in different forms and universes.

Alternate Universes

Band AUs + Yung Basile (70's-00's):

Also known as Acid Pussy, The Wild Corndogs, BAD LICKS, Velvet Minx

Sometimes Ollie/Liv and yung Basile are in a band together, and maybe Basile can even bear Ollie's presence a lil' more since he's yung and dumb n' full of zum too!!! And sometimes Basile is the star of the show, while Ollie/Liv are simple-minded fans who are obsessed with the aging glam rocker. In any case, it's a great opportunity to put Basile in some tiny spandex and leather outfits.


Basile is some form of mysterious monster unbeholden to the laws of man, whether it be wolfman, catman, and so on. Ollie and Basile are thrilled with their ferocious friend! Sometimes Ollie can join in as a meat-eating monster himself!


I draw a LOT of random bs.

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