❗ This character page will contain depictions of blood, gore, and medical stuff.

Alois, also known as Hilda, is one of several identities that this unlicensed surgeon takes. In one decade, they may be a biker babe. In another decade, one might find them stompin' in the goth clubs. Flesh can always be changed under the knife to fit their fleeting whims, and they love to practice on the flesh of others.


Alois was a sickly, anemic child. His parents were medical professionals, and stoked Alois's morbid fascinations by bringing him along during house calls. Surrounded by death, he learned voraciously through experimentation. Alois's first victims were small insects getting their legs torn off and put back together. He'd graduate to dissecting rodents, frogs, and occasionally the deceased pet dogs and cats of his neighbors.

Medical school was an obvious progression for Alois's burgeoning adulthood. He sold drugs (morphine, ketamine, and so on) sourced from the school, and happily indulged in the dead bodies gifted to medical students. During his drug dealing days, he met Basile and became intimate friends and co-workers. Basile would recieve a very special gift from Alois: a genital nullification.

Eventually Alois was caught stealing supplies and corpses from his school, and was expelled before recieving a doctorate. Undaunted, Alois continued his studies in private, and moved around Europe. He dug up corpses for his experiments, and practiced on anyone who bought his services as a surgeon. He became well known in underground circles as a reconstructive and plastic surgeon who would do any procedure asked of him. He also began practicing all types of surgery on his own body.


As Alois's services became more well known, they would change identities as they traveled the world. One of their more well-known identities in the United States during the 1980's was Hilda. Without coincidence, during the 1990's-2000's, she had a stint as a nurse in the same school that Basile was teaching French in.

Hilda would attempt to rekindle contact with Basile, and Basile refused in fear.

The New Flesh

Striving to surpass man, he mangled himself into a seraph. On his face, a mask made of his old flesh. On his body, a habit to cover his new flesh.

He takes care of the weak and sick and flies through the window like Mary Poppins. He occasionally takes away the dying and dead bodies. For science! He rejects god, he wants to be god. He wants to FUCK god.

Since he was a child, the doctor’s head was always burning in pain. He could heal others but not himself. No one else would or could diagnosis him.

He could put on his masks of a smile and grin for work, he understood how humans mingled mindlessly with each other, but he couldn’t truly feel the emotions he was expected to in a social situation. Was it simple psychopathy? Boredom with the banality of existence?

He drilled into his frontal lobe to test a hypothesis, and perhaps discover what was wrong. The seraph is fated to continuously descends and burns into nothingness, and ascends again to burn once more. Eventually its ascension will overcome the god that cursed it with its fate.

(Images of angels are symbolic. They are nonexistent yet exist. Everything means something, something means nothing, nothing means not. Yippee!)

Self-plasticization was the last experiment.


1940's Alois is a barber-surgeon who ran from Germany due to his family's Jewish heritage. He hops between Allied Forces countries serving as a battle medic, as well as “practicing” naughtier clandestine medicine. He gets bored and restless easily, he needs to constantly experience and discover new things.

As such, he also trains carrier pigeons for the resistance in France. Basile is a maquis fighter, and first meets Alois when he gets a haircut. They tutor each other in German and French, and practice English with each other. Alois allows Basile (a spy) to use the pigeons to relay information.

Alois himself has been experimenting with releasing bioweapons via pigeon, as well as body parts. White doves are easy for the enemy to see, but Medic likes the visual contrast of red blood on their feathers. Never forget that they’re both trained killers.

Alois learns a smattering of English for the wartime efforts in his 20's. He learns some French to communicate with Basile, and some Russian for a special Soviet friend he has.

Alois performs the nullification surgery on Basile when Basile steps on a bomb and gets blown up.



Their skin is of a non-descript beige tone, and they make sure to have a very German psycho skin routine to keep themselves moisturized and smooth.

Facial features:

Their nose is long and aquiline, and their jawline is strong and protruding.


Their hair is black and straight. As a medical student, their hair combed in a bificurated bowl cut. As they got older, they usually keep their hair short and neatly styled in a pompadour with a spitcurl. Their hair is noticeably graying at the temples and sideburns. Noticeably, their eyebrows are arched with a point.


They change their body depending on their mood. Generally, their body type is tall, wide, and sturdy with robust pectorals and/or breasts.


During the 1980's, they had a fling with gothic dance culture and dressed accordingly. They favored black leather and platform boots.

In their 40's and beyond, they began dressing more professionally to blend in better with common mortals. Vests, ties, and boring slacks rotate in their wardrobe.

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