He is a former scoundrel who is currently laying low as a teacher. His undiagnosed suicidal depression is seen as quirky French Melancholy. Squidward, but slutty.


Basile has crafted many different identities as a man and woman (and everything outside and inbetween) through his life, a man of a thousand names.

He currently teaches first level French, with no training or teaching license, in "urban working class" neighborhoods as Wikipedia calls them. Heavily indebted to the criminal organizations he used to work for, he's tired and beat and broke. But he still drives a lil' red Corvette and tries to dress his best.

He probably has lung cancer from smoking since the age of 5, and would get that cough checked out if he didn't live under the American healthcare system.


He does not talk about his past to anyone. But you can find some accounts of his past on the Yung Basile page.

Personal Life

Basile lives in a constant state of self-pity and misery; he is unhappy with his humdrum lifestyle and yearns for celebrity status. He'd like wealth, celebration, hair, and a glamorous and distinguished career as a musician, painter, international secret agent man. However, he is left to endure the lowly status of a French teacher in a US public school system.

He dislikes living between Ollie and Liv because of their childish nature. He would never admit he appreciates their unwanted help with leaf-blowing.

The low income of a teacher may result in timelines in which he is a sex worker in his 50's. The sex work may include kink, camming, or acting in pornography. Occasionally, the pornography timeline coincides with being forced back to work with his old Bosses.

When he's not languishing in depression, his hobbies include playing piano and having sex. His favorite food is, begrudgingly, Ollie's homemade secret recipe Mac n' Cheese.


Facial features:

His teeth are yellowed, uneven, speckled with nicotine stains, and chipped. His eyes are yellowed as well, with heavy eyebags, from age and from smoking. The most prominent feature he owns is the h5 bridge on his beautifully hooked nose. Next are his protruding cheekbones, which look bonier from the sagging flesh and weight loss of age. His jawline is a bit weak, and his chin slightly juts below his thin, cracked lips.


Though he shaves his beard daily, it grows into a 5 o'clock shadow by 11 AM. He skips a shave more often in his older age, so he often walks around with fuzzy whiskers. Sometimes he sports a tiny creepy moustache.

He sometimes plucks his angled brows, and sometimes proudly sports a unibrow.

The hair on top of his head is curly (3B). He started thinning at the temples and hairline in his 40's, and as he goes into his 50's and 60's he is starting to go bald on the back of his head. He used to dye his hair black, but lets it grow into salt n' pepper curls now. He still slicks his hair back for work.

One of his most magnificent features is the hairy rug on his chest that extends all over his body. Body hair peeks out from his collar, from his shirt sleeves, and from any lingerie he wears. Strands of white speckle the dark carpet of curls. A blessing of hirsute gratitude!


He used to be fairly fit in his youth, but he's broken down with age and neglect. It's hard to keep up when his body actively works against him. His shoulders and chest are wide, his ribs are prominent, but his limbs are quite thin in comparison.

Mr. S has no ass. His waist is thin. He still has bar-shaped nipple piercings. The scarring on his crotch is Y-shaped with puckered stitch scars. It's dead down there, all he can feel is a dull constant pain. He sits down to use the bathroom, like half the world does.

He has a scar around his neck, a remembrance from the nullifciation incident from his youth. He covers the with his shirt collar, and occasionally a leather collar.


He favors blues, navy, black, white, and rich gold colors. He typically wears collared shirts, vests, jackets, booby-hugging turtlenecks, flared pants, and heeled Chelsea boots.

His Latex Spy persona is of course, in full-body latex. Belts, harnesses, and heavy metal accents adorn his body. His mask has a zippered mouth, and may or may not have shut eyeholes.

"Basile" Etymology:

His current chosen name is Basile: the French form of Basil or the Arabic Basel (باسل ,) as a derivative of the Greek Vassilios (Βασίλειος) meaning "king" .It is this character's current name. It is not his original name, but it will probably be the one he will die with.

This forms the root of the word Basilisk (βασιλίσκος basilískos, "little king"), a serpent born from a rooster's egg and incubated by a toad (or serpent). Some say that accounts of cobras (their hoods being the king's crown) formed the basis for the mythological basilisk.

"According to the Naturalis Historia of Pliny the Elder, the basilisk of Cyrene is a small snake, "being not more than twelve fingers in length", that is so venomous, it leaves a wide trail of deadly venom in its wake, and its gaze is likewise lethal. Its weakness is the odor of the weasel."

The basil plant represented hatred in ancient Greece, and in European lore it is sometimes a symbol of Satan. Yet there are funeral rites in Europe, India, and Egypt involving placing Basil in the hands or mouth of the dead to ensure a safe journey, or to open the gates of heaven.

  • If he had a fursona, it'd be a snake. Basilisks are pretty cool snake creatures too :) And its counterpoint being a sneaky ratty weasel is perfect for Ollie.
  • The "rooster's egg" is a wonderful conundrum that happens in real life too, when chickens born as hens butch up to become roosters (complete with spurs, tail feathers, aggression, and humping behavior!). Genderfuckery is the ideal ephemeral state of this character's identity.
  • French/Greek/Arabic origins of the name fits in perfectly with how I envision his ethnic roots.
  • The basil plant's morbid roots are in tune with his morbid personality and deathly appearance.
  • I also quite like the actor Basil Rathbone and his large nose!


    J'ai Aime, J'ai Souffert, Maintenant, Je Hais

    • The Sun Also Rises: Why is it treated like a huge disability for the main character in The Sun Also Rises to have had his genitals maimed in war?
    • L'Etranger: Why did Camus meticulously name every item in The Stranger's apartment, but not bother to name any of the Arab characters?
    • and after The Stranger, The Meursault Investigation as a refutation to the nameless Arab.
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    notes: Keep his skintone brown with a hint of corpse-y gray as gets older. His hair is thick and naturally curly.

    Latex Spy

    His alter-ego. Feel free to play with the design.