My Shpiona

  1. Meg Myers - Desire 4:44

    First of all, I fucking love the huge cornyass arena rock Van Gaylen guitar solo near the end of the song. As an alt-rock pop song, did the song NEED that? NO. but it’s BITCHIN’.

    Secondly, I really dig sexually aggressive songs from a fem perspective. Like, it’s not about tops or bottoms, it’s about being AGGRESSIVE for that bung. So blunt! “I GOTTA HURT YOU, I GOTTA HEAR IT FROM YOUR MOUTH. I WANNA TASTE YOU, IM GONNA SKIN YOU WITH MY TONGUE. I’M GONNA KILL YOU, I’M GONNA LAY YOU IN THE GROUND”. Dangerous! She’s gonna hurt you! Mysterious! Why the fuck she gonna kill me??! But das hot. Das awesome spoih. SEDUCE ME.

    I think it’s a cute song for Spoih cuz the song is just plainly about sex. Nothing about how they feel about their pardner, only emotions are animal hunger and sadomasochism. Shit, even the emotions lean towards hatefulness rather than love. I really luv Spion as a loveless queen bitch of the universe. Cruel and cold-hearted, but so emotionally needy under the coldness. HELL YEAH.

  2. Depeche Mode - Stripped 3:47

    This is the oldest song on this playlist hehe. One of my fav Depeche Mode songs, we go whole ham on that goth hamhock. The 80′s production kinda dates it and makes it stick out compared to the other more ~*glistening*~ modern songs on this playlist, but I can’t say no to those giant fake casio keyboard drums and BIG HAUNTING VOCALS.

    And I’m not gonna lie. A lot of ScoutSpy feelz in a lotta these song choices.

    The song’s mainly about industrialization/modernization, but there’s the surface story about inviting a gorl to lay in the grass under the trees with him. Ah… no homo…. but u know… (whispers) scout would wanna do some mundane shit like that with spoih. Thinkin’ bout it right now, it kinda reminds me of Overhand, Underhand’s conclusion, laying together on their crappy first “date” lookin’ at the stars hehe. heheheheh.

    “Let me see you stripped down to the bone”. Double-meaning again. A wish to see the body stripped naked, and to see who the person really is underneath all pretenses and facades. Spy’s nature is hiding his true nature behind disguises. Scout’s person is plain for everyone to see, and to see Spy’s personality plainly would be some sort of idyllic fantasy huh?

    This the kinda shit I was trying to write down in the Spynapple Pizza fic. Scout’s too simple to have the ability to explain what he wants from Spy. There’s the surface level sex, stripped naked, but also his wish to understand Spy’s obfuscated being.

    And, of course, the “fumes you taste when we kiss”. It’s like licking an ashtray, right? You’re never gonna get someone to be able to quit smoking just from your ~*pure love uwu*~ heh.

  3. Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach 4:17

    it’s the Tentaspy n weed Scoot song, sorry :) another name i use for the comic when i’m writing bout it.

    This playlist actually started with me listening to LDR and The Weeknd back to back for comparison. By this point in time, LDR’s shit is classic sadgirl420 anthems, and The Weeknd is the masculine equivalent. Sadboy420. So many songs about having awful depressing sex and doing awful depressing drugs cuz you’re depressed AHAHAH.

    This particular song has no sexual themes to it though! Video’s fun, rocket launcher direct hit on the surveillance helicopter. Paranoia, and isolation. It’s a nice twist on her typical songs about being a dependent needy gorl for sugar daddies. She’s striving for independence and being by herself in this song. A retaliation against paparazzi with the surface story of rebelling against a shitty her shitty lovers.

    There’s the surface level thing of mentally addled Scoot getting high by the beach and finding the Tentaspy. It’s all the confusion of loneliness and isolation that makes him see such fantastic things, like helicopters stalking him or the corpse of someone he once knew. The isolation is self-inflicted, he needs the alone time after all the shit that’s gone down. But that doesn’t make the isolation any less painful. Wandering the west coast beach in a daze.

    From the Tentaspy’s perspective: it hates being trapped in the tub. It hates being constantly watched by Scout. It prolly straight up hates being reborn in such a miserable existence after death. It can’t survive if this is all that’s real. All it wants to do is return to the sand and die again in the sweltering sun. Peace by vengeance brings the end?

    Yes…. very self-indulgent song for my very self-indulgent stories that make no sense to anyone but myself… hehe

  4. The Weeknd - The Hills 4:02

    SADBOY420. Songs about meaningless loveless fucking when you’re fucked up on drugs. Hell yeah.

    It’s a really easy way to explain how I hc Spy’s relationships. Secretive trysts with no thought of the future, physical touching rather than emotional feeling. I can’t say I particularly hc Spy as an addict to anything harder than nicotine at his current age, but I like to think he was on some shit when he was younger. Ah, and something about “when i’m fucked up that’s the real me”… well, my spiona can only express himself truly in the throes of SEXUAL CONGRESS (or as I call it, weiner feelings). Otherwise it’s back to emotional constipation.

    I think all the numbness fits him, as always I gotta bring it back to his in-game design of remaining cloaked and disguised. Plus it’s just a very pretty song about some ugly subjects.

  5. Nine Inch Nails - Happiness In Slavery5:12

    I love it, very inspirational to me as a kid! A man willingly submits to a machine that sexually tortures him then kills him :,)

    This video, as well as a written story I read when I was younger (that I do not remember the source of), fueled my fascination with BDSM-related castration. Like, tfw you’re such a subby bottom that you willingly chop off your dick n’ balls cuz you’re not ever gonna use those dudes?! God that’s so big brained.

    The video also introduced me to the artist Bob Flanagan and his work concerning dealing with his chronic illness and pain via sexual masochism. Hammering nails into your penis, pins and needles til it’s numb, hanging and piercing and branding. Another beautiful mind to check out, for anyone reading this.

    I think these elements cemented my interest in sickliness vs sex. Hockspittle animation, emaciated bodies, and such.

    Yep, so that’s why my Spy’s a ultra-subby super-masochistic bottom with no benis and his ribs poking out. Sex to alleviate the pain. Sorry!

  6. Desire - Under Your Spell4:59

    Scout-chan :3

    Love, obsession, desire. Do you think this feeling could last forever-ever? Naw. It’s a temporary infatuation that’ll completely burn her out if it continues. But in this moment it’s all that matters. If she makes it past this point, she can look back and laugh at how consumed she was by her schoolgirl crush~

    This song was of course, in the infamous Drive soundtrack that I’m pretty sure was the root of all the nu-retrowave synth 80′s stuff that permeated this decade. I believe in the context of the film, the Driver falls in love with his neighbor just because she was nice to him one (1) time, so he sacrifices everything for her even though they barely know each other.

    Certainly a doomed relationship, but it’s a KLASSICK one-sided love story of unquestioning complete devotion. In movies, it’s often a man sacrificing himself for a woman, but in a gorl’s story of unrequited love often the gorl just wastes away pining for their object of affection. Rarely does the girl get to be the knight saving the prince 🤔

  7. Marsheaux - Eyes Without a Face 4:46

    Les yeux sans visage, an old horror film and a Billy Idol song! This cover version is quite musically similar to the original 80′s version with the full echoing production, just with them female vocals I adore so much and slightly less casio keyboard drums :p

    This song’s mostly here as a companion to the previous song. They’re like sapphic lovers. Can’t have one without the other. Pretty n’ glistening songs about toxic relationships, gotta love ‘em.

  8. Genitorturers - Touch Myself 3:21

    Another cover song on this playlist! Original is by Divinyls.

    It’s a song about fappin’, grandma! The difference between the Divinyls and Genitorturers version is who’s subbing hehe.


    I close my eyes and see you before me
    Think I would die if you were to ignore me
    A fool could see just how much I adore you
    I’d get down on my knees, I’d do anything for you

    You’re the one who makes me come running
    You’re the sun who makes me shine
    When you’re around I’m always laughing
    I want to make you mine


    You close your eyes and see me before you
    Think you would die if I were to ignore you
    A fool could see just how much you adore me
    Get down on your knees and do anything for me

    I’m the one who makes you come runnin
    Gets you comin all the time
    When I’m around, you’re always beggin
    I wanna make you mine

    I chose the Genitorturer’s version ‘cuz no matter how subby I hc Spy, he’s always in control in the end. He gets used and abused and slapped around and he’s crying and pleading in bed, but that’s because he chooses and wants it. Once all the buttstuff is done, he’s back to business being a stone-cold bitch.

    Mmmm and not to be gay (100% homo milk), but from a scoutspy perspective… I adore Scout topping because even if he’s shoving n’ choking Spy, Scout’s actually pretty damn submissive. Scout’ll put the date on himself in frustration, but he still wants Spy’s mentorship beforehand. Attention and touch starved, think he’d die if Spy were to ignore him. Femdom vibes. Yis, Scout can physically control Spy but mentally Spy has the upper-hand (just from being older and smarter and in a position of authority), and I think that maintaining that balance of control is one of the most fun parts about writing Scout/Spy stuff 🖤

    So take it as my AMV song about Scout fapping while thinking about Spy seducing him by bossing him around :^)

    AND ALSO. Spy fapping. Dude could get laid anytime by anyone, so if he chooses to fap that’s like, totally beautiful. Spy slinking around in lingerie slutting around and showing off CUZ YOU AIN’T GONNA GET THE GOODIES. Dat’s awesome spoih. Cry a single manly tear.

  9. Virgin Magnetic Material - Make it Wit Chu (QOTSA cover)6:48

    Another cover/remix. This version’s been recently taken off Spotify, how sad!

    The original rock versions seem like more of a Scout song to me. I associate Scout with the olde timey classic rock sound. People describe the QOTSA version as a “sexy” song, but it doesn’t really seem sexy to me? More relaxed than anything, maybe with even a mournful tinge. Scout’s a simple and straightfoward guy, these mysteries of life just ain’t his thang. He just knows sometimes he gets a funny feeling in his pants when he looks at some gorls. Man, and what a guitar solo. Slow-paced, not too complex, the kind of shit you’d pull out on your guitar to try n’ impress girls when you’re not too technically advanced. It’s all about the feelingz.

    Iunno why I associate Spy with a more modern sound, maybe cuz of that disco thing I mentioned before :p I think Spy would like electronic/dance music in more modern settings. And the remix has a more intense feel, Spy’s anything but a relaxed person. Too much on the mind when you gotta juggle a life of lies and false identities. See, now THIS version is the “sexy” version cuz this the kinda shit you’d strip to in a smoky nightclub. Huh? You wouldn’t get naked to this song? What are you, gay?

    I associate his song, and the ones coming after this, with a softer Spy. Less ice queen bitch. I guess the Scout/Spy context is Scoot actually getting to make it wit Spai, or even just Scout being happy with the friendzone. Chillin’ with ya old bud RED Spion.

  10. The Cure - Burn 6:38

    Hehe. Tentaspy song :)

    I already said some stuff about this song in one of the posts about muh Tentaspycomic! Man, I sure do love repeating myself huh?

    What can I say… I love one-sided love, and the subsect of that, loving someone who’s dead. Cuz someone’s who’s dead can’t reciprocate anything, even if they did once long ago. The burning is what’s important for me. Burning always destroys something or someone. It’s painful and can’t be put out. Very intense emotion, very romantic. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to sickliness and death in stories. True classic romance <3 No reflection of yourself in the ocean when you stare at it in pitch back night.

    Of course, the weakness, sickness and death of a woman is a very, very old and worn trope. So that’s why I like to apply all that to men instead. ;)

    In any Spy ship, I like the other character to be burning for a Spy that will never return the affection. Scout’s the most attractive option as a pairing because they interact the most out of all the characters and have the most developed personal relationship between all the mercs he’s young and dumb and inexperienced in relationships, and would be affected the most negatively. Sum GUD FUCKEN DRAMA.

    This song feels the most emotionally intense out of every other song on the playlist. The bass is SO good in this song. And all the instrumental layering makes me n-n-n-nUT.

  11. Air - Sexy Boy4:58

    We love objectifying men 2k18, 2k19, and beyond. So! We love objectifying Spy. A hero with an an athlete’s body, un-shaven and well dressed.

    Zéro défaut, vingt et un ans
    C'est l'homme idéal
    Charme au masculin

    Well, except replace “vingt et un ans” with “cinquante ans“ ohohoho AM I RIGHT? Cuz how can you expect me to love any man unless he’s old enough to get me free pancakes at IHOP?!

    Shane showed this song to me, thank you for this song <3 Makes me wanna draw Spy holding a bundle of baguettes slappin’ his frog in some fancy cafe.

  12. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman3:55

    sigh ANOTHER song beppi showed me. We just want Spy to cutely slut around to this song in lingerie. Bonus points for a sweaty shittyass scout lookin’ like an absolute buffoon with a boner he dunno what to do with. YOU make me FEEL LIKE a DANGEROUS SHPIOOOON!!!!!!!

  13. King Princess - Pussy Is God 3:25

    All that shit about spion having miserable depressing sex to distract from his miserable depressing life? Man, what if he had…. (whispers) loving consensual missionary sex for the purposes of enjoying human connections? EUGH. Well, for all my xxX_edGINESS_xxX and love of angst, at the end of the day I just want h*ndholding n shit.

    Like, y’know? Good sex is good. It’s not all drenched in filthy dirty shitty feelingz, and even if it is people should be allowed to discuss the good and bad aspects. Sexuality shouldn’t be treated like it’s an inherently ““bad”” thing. COUGHS AT CUMBLR AND FACEBOOK AND ALL THE OTHER WEBSITES COMPLETELY SHUTTING DOWN NSFW SHIT EVEN JUST TALKING ABOUT SEX IS BANNED ON FB NOW WOW!

    Happy ending <3 The final stage of Beppi songs. Thanks for the puss!