Yung Basile


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October 28th ♏︎︎, 1960's
Parts Unknown, France

Basile Scylla

Enforcer, musician, espionage agent.

This page will contain depictions of violence and sexuality.

Before Basile was a suicidally depressed school teacher, he had a bold, brash, sordid past worthy of a shoujo manga backstory. Drug enforcer, French resistance spy, even a rock musician? He changes his story every time he tells stories of his past.


Basile grew up in France, perhaps in a catholic orphanage, perhaps on the streets. He changes his story every time he tells a story. He did not know his parents and wa dumped out into the world on his own. He does not talk about his past to anyone. He trusts no one.

In the 80's (when he was in his 20's), he was in the drug trade as an enforcer, with his BEST FWIEND Alois. He accidentally-on-purpose slept with one of the Bosses' daughters, and his punishment was having his best friend mutilate his genitals. Since that event, he learned a life of crime wasn't quite the easy money he expected and left it.

He settled down in the USA, in a quiet section of Boston where he hoped none of his past would haunt him.

Alternate Versions


Basile was a teenager when Germany occupied France, and joins the Resistance movement during university. He starts off as a simple maquis fighter, and sabotages Axis equipment. Basile first meets Alois when he gets a haircut from the barber. They tutor each other in German and French, and practice English with each other. Alois allows Basile to use the pigeons to relay information.

He was injured in his late teens/early 20′s during a sabotage mission involving explosives (whether he stepped on a mine or the sabotage attempt blew up in his face, that’s why Spy’s genitals are mutilated). His friend Alois performed his reconstructive surgery.

After his accident, he moved to a less visible position in the Resistance. He showed a talent for learning languages and persuasion, and begins collecting intelligence and concocting assassination. His assasinations may include dinner dates and promising passionate sex before execution.


Occasionally, Basile may be in a band. It may be a synth band in the 80's with Alois. Or a shock rock band in the 90's, "Velvet Minx", which Liv is a fan of. Or a band called "The Wild Corndogs" in the 2000's, in which he's bandmates with Ollie. Heck, sometimes Basile is a woman named Anise and has a band called "Acid Pussy" with Liv.

In any case, it's a great excuse to dress Basile in fun outfits or have Ollie and Liv fangirl over him.

There is a timeline in which Liv kidnaps Yung Basile after a concert, and locks him in a motel room. This makes for quite the media controversy.


His appearance is mostly the same as Basile, but younger and with some flamboyant flairs due to the brashness of youth.


His standard haircut was a similar slicked-back hair do, but looser than his older version. His hair was also thicker because he hasn't started going bald yet, thus the curls are more voluminous.

In his band persona, he had long hair, growing down to below his shoulders. His hair was slightly less curly and more wavy due to the weight pulling it down. He had curly lambswool bangs.


He was bony and thin, but not deathly so. He was not in great health due to his smoking habit, and could not run long distances, but he had enough stamina to sweat on stage. His boobs were not as big yet as they would be as he got older.


He wore a cropped motorcycle leather jacket he found in a charity shop. The jacket probably once belonged to a fashionable woman. The leather jacket would remain in Basile's closet as he aged out of it.

As a hilariously French flair, he had an assortment of striped shirts and ascots in red and blue. He also favored heeled boots and tight pants to accentuate his lack of ass.

In his band persona, he favored baring skin along with black latex clothing and thigh high boots. He also enjoyed leopard patterned jackets and boots.

He had a nose piercing and atongue piercing that he took out when he got older. He keeps his twin nipple piercings in. He may sometimes have a clitoral ring.

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    notes: Keep his skintone brown and his hair thick and naturally curly.

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