(aka Extra Credit!)

Year: 2018-2022

Medium: Pilot pen and Crayola black marker on 5.5x8.5 sketchbook paper.

Summary: Ollie's majoring in Exercise Physiology at his state university, and Basile's a divorced anthropology lecturer. They accidentally on purpose have sex after a Halloween party, but they have class the next day. Regret and hilarity ensue, right?

Tagged with:
age gap | older bottom | awkward top | drunk sex |
student/teacher relationship | one-sided attraction |

Other notes:
One character has mutilated genitals, and it's never brought up in the story.
The younger character persists in pursuing his teacher, despite his teacher's protests.


sep 28th, 2020 - added neck scars to Basile in the first chapter.

June 20th, 2021 - Changed URL from /scoutspycollege to /hooky.

January 7th, 2022 - Hey! All the interior pages are done! After 4 years? YAY! Leave a comment on the AO3 upload, or in my email :) I love comments!

April 11th, 2022 - As a birthday gift to myself, I endeavored to finish my scoutspy doujin. Now you can buy a physical copy of my latest, dankest yaoi 🙂 Or just read it online for free! The greatest birthday gift you could give me is to spread my evil thoughts and thots ❤️

Da Characters!

Da Comic!

chapter 1 (10 pgs. sex scene. 18+)

chapter 2 (6 pgs. peepee free zone :D)

chapter 3 (14 pgs. peepee free zone :D)

Extras! 18+ images and the after words.

Da End!

Author's notes:
This was a comic I started right before Halloween 2018. There's an awful lot in the Teacher/Student pornographic genre, but what about Student/Teacher?!?! You know I love reversing common tropes. Let the student top rather than the stinky old dude! Let the lust be enthusiastically initiated by the person in less power, rather than coerced by the stinky old dude! Focus the objectification on the stinky old dude rather than some supposedly-sexy schoolgirl! Nothing against anyone who enjoys the common tropes, I just prefer drawing stuff that's not explored as much!

I hope you enjoy reading the comic, as much as I enjoyed drawing it. After 4 years, so much has changed! The characters are now as far from the TF2 universe, as I am from being approved for a mortgage. And I love them even more now that they're extracted from hat simulation hell as Ollie and Basile. Two toppings on a pizza! Two weenies in a bun!

Though I still have to draw the cover now and print it! Look for that next month. I DID IT, I made a cover and printed my comic.