Pussywhip was a hard rock band active through 1983-1993.

illustration of a pale vampire man with long hair


After being fired from The Penetrators in 1983, Vicky VD created Pussywhip with the intent of having himself as the creative lead. All other band members would serve as hired guns, ready to be ousted if Vicky no longer needed them.

Starting in Los Angeles, they grew in popularity as word of their violent stage show spread. Several execution and torture methods were demonstrated on their singer, Angus, most notably death by guillotine decapitation.

Pussywhip broke up in 1993, after the death of lead singer Angus in a car crash.



Their music is characterized by a fast glam-punk pacing, with distorted guitars and violent lyrics about crime and sex. Occasionally, Angus may sing a slower, acoustic ballad for the ladies while the rest of the band takes a piss break.