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Lead singer of Pussywhip, an enthusiastic young man with a lust for life and big boobies! He was a star football player in high school, before that pesky concussion put him in a coma...


Angus was a popular player on his High School's football team until an accident that left him in a coma. After being comatose in a hospital for a few years, against all odds, he awoke. His life before Pussywhip is mostly forgotten to him, but he does seem to remember a strange dream he had in his coma about a beautiful nurse that turned into a bloodthirsty succubus.

During the 80's Angus fronted a successful band and lived in an upscale, beachside apartment that was provided by his manager and bandmate, Vicky. He spent most of his time enjoying the typical excesses of the time, partying, and recording with the band.

Pussywhip broke up in 1993, after the death of Angus in a car crash.

After the band's breakup, he lived a quiet life, occasionally attending meet-and-greets at local malls and appearing in television commercials for subpar products. Eventually, he launched his own line of portable grills and opened and operated his own restaurant, Angus's House of Meat.


Football Accident

During an important game for his high school, Angus was severely injured by a football throw. He was decapitated on impact with his skull, and subsequently spent the next three years in a long-term care facility. Doctors initially did not expect him to survive at all, and would never wake from his comatose state.

Disappearance From Hospital

Nurses were shocked one morning to find Angus missing. He eventually re-emerged, fully conscious, as he made his debut as Pussywhip's lead singer. Neglectful family and hospital staff never connected "Angel"'s disappearance with Angus, and without his memory he had no reason to report himself as no longer missing (not that anyone reported him as missing in the first place).


Angus once starred in a homoerotic, pornographic video. Vicky was not pleased, but used the publicity to his advantage. Vicky seized all copies of the pornographic VHS, bought the publication rights, and began redistributing them himself at exorbitantly high prices to control everything. To top it off, he made Angus do a promotional press tour.



Naturally a medium tan complexion, but overtans in the sun and with fake spray tan, turning him various hues of orange.

Facial features:

Big, appley cheeks, and a crooked nose bridge from a football accident. Big blue eyes. Rosey cheeks and baby pink lipgloss. Glossy eyelids. Can sometimes wear baby blue or brown eyeshadow. Always has mascara and thinly plucked yet penciled in eyebrows.


Naturally a brunette but dyes it platinum (piss yellow) blonde. His dark brown roots are often seen growing in. Very long and naturally wavy, styled into three sections that end with big puffy curls. Big curly bang piece.


Lean yet toned.


Lots of tats of various motifs such as birds, hearts, roses, dragons, and bits of tribal (see references below). His tattoos are generally considered cliche, cheesy, and overall a bit shitty. Pierced earlobes that he wears big hoops in.


Generally wears light and bright colors, centering around the colors blue, white, and yellow.

Casual: Often seen in jeans or white pants with a cropped graphic t-shirt. He wears pointed, western shoes lower than ankle length.

When he's going out, he might walk around shirtless with leather pants and a fur coat (a gift from his boss!).

On stage: White leather jacket with fringe, on top of a white jumpsuit zipped down to the crotch, with lacing on the chest. Pair with white leather cowboy boots, and you have an Angus outfit!



Estranged from biological family.


Vicky, Skeets, Eddie


Lizzy, Skeets, Eddie, Vicky, Tommy, Cherry, Benny, Jet

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