Hooky! (aka Extra Credit!)

The cover of my comic HOOKY!  Featuring a small pink man kabedon-ing an older blue man against school lockers. photo of my HOOKY! printed comics photo of my HOOKY! printed interiors.

Fast Facts
Years drawn 2018-2021
Pages 30
Medium: Pilot pen and Crayola black marker on 5.5x8.5 sketchbook paper.
Rating: 🔞🍆 NC-18 for explicit sex, and unhealthy relationships.
Relationship: awkward top/older bottom • student/teacher
Summary Ollie is studying Exercise Physiology at his state university. Basile is a divorced anthropology lecturer. They are mutually annoyed by each other. They accidentally have sex after a Halloween party, but they have class the next day. Post-nut regrets and clinginess set in.
Tagged: one-shot • romance • humor • age gap • drunk sex • one-sided attraction
  • The older character has scarred and null genitals. It's never brought up in the story.
  • The younger character persists in pursuing the older character, despite the old man's protests.
  • The extras include comics of Ollie's shameful noncon dreams!
  • Jan. 2023 Retrospective

    I wrote commentary on every single page for HOOKY's 1 year anniversary. Read it! It's full of grandpa rambling and my thoughts while drawing each page.

    Da Characters!

    The character page of hooky, displaying Ollie and Basile's California ID cards.  Ollie is 23, and an exercise Physiology student.  He's 5 feet 5 inches, hair and eyes are brown, and weight is 110 lbs.  His mom told him she worked hard to immigrate to the USA, so he better work hard to get his degree.  Mr. S is 58.  He's an anthropology lecturer.  His hair is Black, his eyes are blue, and his height is 5 foot 10 inches.  His weight?  A lady never tells.  He immigrated from france to the USA, and all he got was lung cancer and a divorce.

    Da Comic!

    chapter 1 (10 pgs. sex scene. 18+)
    Chapter 1 - with
            an illustration of a carved pumpkin surrounded by candy and a red party cup for

    Page 1 - View from above of our main characters.  Smaller man smiles and nudges older man.  Older man drinks his booze grumpily. Page 2 - The two men walk together on the streets, smiling and laughing among the Halloween pumpkins.  The small man pulls out his keycard and opens the dorm doors. Page 3 - A view of the messy and cramped dorm room.  Smaller man kisses and sucks on older man's neck, revealing the old man's neck scars.  Older man pulls down small man's pants.  Old man asks, 'May I?' as he reaches for the front of small man's pants. Page4 - Small man replies 'yeah..' with a bamboozled expression.  He's surprised he made it this far!  He exclaims 'aw jeez' as he recieves amazing felattio from the older man.  The final panel zooms in on the small man's sweating face as he repeats 'ah man' with his eyes closed. Page 5 - Viscous liquid pours down the older man's throat.  He releases himself from suckin' mad dick.  Both men passionately kiss and trade sperm within their mouths and tongues. Page 6 - Older man licks the sperm off of the younger man's hand.  He sucks his fingers.  He caresses the small man's surprised face, saying something that the smaller man cannot comprehend in his incredulously aroused mood. Page 7 - The older man splays himself belly-first on the bed, looking back, pulling down his pants.  'Have you done this before?' 'Not really...' The older man assures with a smile, 'It's okay.' Page 8 - The old man is on his elbows and knees, his buttcheeks being spread by the younger man.  The younger man reaches for the front of the old man's crotch, to find that there's no junk there.  It's all sewn up, and all good.  The older man says something incomprehensible with a sleepy pleased expression. Page 9 - The younger man grits his teeth and says 'Aw jeez, I already --', and the older man reassures him 'It's okay'.  'I'll keep going', he says, as he continues to ride the younger man's pp raw. Page 10 - We get a closeup cumshot of penis in butt.  Basile says 'mmm', his eyes covered by his hair curls.  The two men kiss.  Ollie says 'Man..I luhv ya..'
    chapter 2 (6 pgs. peepee free zone :D)
    Chapter 2 intertitle!  A drawing of tighty whity underwear, and tube socks.

    Page 11 - Blank white panel. 'Hah.. that tickles..'.  We see Basile's eye, closed, he laughs again 'Haha...'.  His eyes snap open, veiny and scared.  Ollie, shirtless, is hugging Basile's head and shoulders with a goofy smile. 'You 'wake now darling?'. Page 12 - We see Basile angrily pulling up the sheets to cover his chest.  Ollie continues to speak, 'DAMN, y'grow alotta beard in just one night.  I like ya curly morning hair, it looks cute on ya.  It's like 1pm already but we can still go get Ihop --', and Basile interrupts.  'Where are my clothes?'  Basile desperately jumps out of bed, pulls on Ollie's oversized sweatpants, and gels his hair with 'poomade'.  Ollie exclaims ' HEY, those are MY PANTS!  And dat's MY HAIRGEL!'.  Ignoring him, Basile whispers 'Razor, razor... don't you own a razor, BOY?!; Page 13 - Basile begins to take a hoodie off of the hanger.  Ollie pleads.  'You gonna leave already?' 'YES.  I have a class to teach in the afternoon!'.  Basile squeezes into the too-small hoodie, and pulls the hood tight.  Ollie exclaims, 'BUT!  BUT!  WHADDA BOUT US?! I can make us breakfast!  I gotta rice cooker, sum weenies, sum baby bok choy, sum eggz... Y'like eggs?  Hey... COME BACK!'.  Basile leaves angrily. Page 14 - Basile storms into his class with a BAM! 'Sorry I'm late'.  He takes off his hoodie and grunts 'Ugh...let's just watch movies --' as Ollie busts into the room as well, dressed in only a collared shirt and socks.  'MISTAH ESS!' he hollers.  Basile covers his face, cringing from embarassment.  'Mon Dieu...'.  Ollie continues to rant, 'YOU JUST WALTZ OUTTA MY DORM ROOM, LEAVE ALL YA SHIT BEHIND, N' STEAL ALL MY CLOTHES!' while holding up Basile's leftover jacket. Page 15 - Ollie begins to tear up and pout.  'Plus, what's a gorlfriend for if ya don't even kiss me goodbye?'.  This enrages Basile, prompting him to squeeze Ollie's neck and make his eyes pop out.  'You're not even in this class!' Ollie continues to cry ' But we had sex and we cuddled--', while Basile interrupts, 'YOU MEAN NOTHING TO ME!  YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME!  JUST BECAUSE I MADE THE MISTAKE OF MAKING LOVE TO YOU MEANS NO...thing...'.  Basile realizes he's been airing his dirty laundry publically. Page 16 - We see the shadows of the students' heads staring directly at Basile throttling Ollie.  Basile's pants have fallen down.  'Oliver.  Why don't you go intio that broom closet over there, and I'll meet you after class.'  Basile pushes Ollie out of the room.  Ollie protests.  'BUT-'.  Basile slams the door shut with a scowl.  'Do you kids want to watch Minons or Megamind.'.  Ollie's fingers are stuck in the door and he YIPES.
    chapter 3 (14 pgs. peepee free zone :D)
    Chapter 3 intertitle!  An illustration of chopsticks, a fortune cookie, and an unwrapped peppermint candy.

    Page 17 - After Class... Basile sneaks out of his class room, looking every which way, and runs to the broom closet that he pushed Ollie into.  Fumes come out of the door cracks.  The door is opened, to reveal Ollie mixing cleaning fluids and creating dangerous chemicals to drink with the janitor's tools.  Basile covers his face.  'God.  You're still here?' 'Hey.  What up, Mr. S?  Ya want summa dis drink I mixed?'. Page 18 - Basile sits down next to Ollie and closes his eyes sadly.  'No.  What do you want,'.  Ollie stares at his phone.  'I dunno man, you're the one who told me to stay here.'  Basile squints angrily at Ollie.  'You barge into my workplace, BLATHERING evrything to EVERYONE.  What?  You want to hold my job hostage?  My entire life?'.  Drooling, Ollie replies, 'I jus' wanted t'know if ya still wanted sumn' t'eat together,'.  He springs up, grins stupidly, and drags a tired Basile out of the broom closet.  'OOH!  C'mon mistah S!  We still have time t'change and catch dinner!'. Page 19 - Back in the dorm, Basile changes back into his own clothes.  Ollie searches for his clothes.  'C'mon, c'mon where's the hunka gold I been saving when I finally get a date... OOH! HERE!'.  We get a full shot of Ollie's outfit, a mash of his hoodie, a baseball cap with the word CUM embroidered on the front, a fur-lined military coat, a collared shirt, a fanny pack, shorts, and minion sneakers.  'YO!  MISTAH S!  Do ya think I'm SEXY?'.  Basile grits his teeth and cringes.  'You look.. you look very..'.  No need to reply, as Ollie happily leads them out.  'HELL YEAH.  I'm know I'm sexy.  And everyone's gonna be so jealous you're eatin' with me.  Where'd ya park your car?  If ya floor it we can make it for da dinner special. Page 20 - Ollie sings 'Make dat pussy fart...' as he relaxes in Basile's car, stretching his shoes over the dashboard.  Basile drives nervously and smoking.  In the restaraunt, Ollie eats happily and shoves food in Basile's zonked mouth.  'Dis shit's GREAT!  TRY IT!'  'Why did you bring me here...' 'Choo choo!'.  A forkfull of chicken squeezes into Baslie's mouth with a SPLORT.  Ollie finally answers.  'I wanted to clear it up. Y'know.  If you wanna be my goilfriend.'  Basile answers with a stern expression.  'NO.' Page 21 - Ollie presses his fingers together nervously.  'Aight.  How about JUST FRIENDS?'.  Basile yells 'NO!  I want nothing to do with you, you bonobo-dicked COCKALOREM!'.  Ollie wells up with tears.  'Heeeeeeeeeeey... Dat was fuckin' RUDE!  Y'oughtta 'pologize.'  Ollie angrily stuffs more chicken in Basile's face.  'BAH!' he responds.  Ollie is visibly, increasingly upset. Basile continues to scold Ollie.  'You're the one who FUCKED me then CORNERED ME!  And now I'm being interrogated.  BAH!  Just tell me what you really want from me!  Or kill me NOW.'  Ollie says 'I TOLD YA! I'm for real!  Just wanna know 'bout US!  An' da FUTURE...'.  Basile's expression shifts to contemplation.  'Us?  the FUTURE?... Page 22 - Basile looks away and waves his cigarette in the air.  'You think we could be friends?!  With my workplace and your school being one and the same?'.  Ollie snottily says 'Yeah!'.  Basile SLAMS the table angrily. 'I'd much rather have my genitals sawn off and sewn up again than be friends with YOU!  even if you weren't an undergraduate.'  The restauraunt is silent.  Once more we get a view of the other anonymous people in the room staring at Basile's outburst.  'Damn, y'got the whole joint lookin' at ya.' says Ollie as he adjusts his hat.  An unseen person says off camera, 'SIR!  Take your meal and your wife with you and GET A ROOM!  And no smoking!!!'.  Ollie pats down some money on the table, and gets up.  'Aight man, let's jsut pay n' leave n' get home.  Sorry bout my pal, he's had too much to drink!' Page 23 - Ollie helps a drunken Basile down the street.  Slightly angry, Ollie says 'Man you're such an asshole.  I'on even now why I thought you was hot...'.  Ollie looks at Basile's depressed face, wrinkly with mouth slightly agape.  Ollie says ' Y'can't drive like dis.  How far's your house from here?'. Page 24 - A view of their shoes walking down the pavement together.  'Why should I tell you...' 'I'm tryna help ya, man!'.  We get a shot of their backs, Ollie holding a hunched Basile up.  'You'll haunt me forever.'.  'C'MON, just tell me if we're anywhere close...' Page 25 - A key opens a door.  Shots of their shoes - one pair of pointed chelsea boots, and one pair of minion sneakers.  We see Basile's messy room, with mattress on te floor and fabric strewn around everywhere.  'Damn bitch, you live like this?' says Ollie. Page 26 - Basile sits on the bed, and Ollie takes his jacket off.  'C'mon, let's get this off...uh, where do I put this?'.  Basile says 'Anywhere.'.  Basile lays down on his back.  'My car's going to be towed.  Ollie asks, 'You gonna just knock out like dat?'  He adjusts Basile so his head is on a pillow.  'Getcher noggin onna pillow 'least!' Page 27 - Ollie makes an O-shape with his mouth in surprise while reaching in his coat pocket.  'OH YEAH.  n' Don't forget!'.  A fortune cookie is pulled out, fresh in its wrapper!  'YER FORTUNE COOKIE!'.  Ollie places it gently on Basile's blanketed body.  'I'll leave it riiiight... hyeah.  lemme know what ya get!'  Ollie kisses an unimpressed Basile on the nose while hearts and sparkles spring from Ollie's wet drooling lip. Page 28 - Ollie leaves, extending his goodbye awkwardly.  'Aight.  Seeya tomorrow, Mistah S.  I'm headin' out.  Bye!'.  When Ollie is gone, Basile cracks open the fortune cookie.  He stares at the paper fortune slip for a while.  Then admits, 'I can't read chinese'.  Outside of Basile's place, Ollie locks the door.  He def stole the key.  He pulls out his phone, and lovingly presses the 'add friend' button on Basile's facebook profile. Page 30 - Ollie is in bliss.  He stares at his phone for a bit longer, then stares at the area he's in.  His expression changes to worry.  'Hmmm.  How da heck do I get home from here?'.  He is surrounded by raccoons and darkness.  DA!  END!


    Afterwords and 18+ images.
    afterwords explaining the origins of Ollie and Basile as hat fortress ocs Old versions of Ollie and Basile standing next to each other nervously Old drawing of Ollie molesting Basile in front of a chalkboard old drawing of Ollie taking a selfie in front of Basile's shocked and semen-filled body. old drawing revealing that Ollie was just imagining all of the previous stuff while watching porn. Afterwords part 2 with all the copyright information, like SCUMSUCK made this in North Carolina. Baby Azn Boy Scout wearing baggy shirt and pants. Basile's outerwear, with a large navy coat, fedora, and scarf.

    Da End!

    Author's notes:
    This was a comic I started right before Halloween 2018. There's an awful lot in the Teacher/Student pornographic genre, but what about Student/Teacher?!?! You know I love reversing common tropes. Let the student top and dominate rather than the stinky old dude! Let the lust be enthusiastically initiated by the person in less power, rather than coerced by the stinky old dude! Focus the objectification on the stinky old dude rather than some supposedly-sexy schoolgirl! Nothing against anyone who enjoys the common tropes, I just prefer drawing stuff that's not explored as much!

    I hope you enjoy reading the comic, as much as I enjoyed drawing it. After 4 years, so much has changed!

    Though I still have to draw the cover now and print it! Look for that next month. I DID IT, I made a cover and printed my comic.