Old Vacquero

Fast Facts
Year 2013
Pages 8
Medium: Ballpoint pen on sketchbook paper
Rating: 💀 PG for violence.
Summary a mummy who breaks out of the museum. Part of my hair metal characters. He's the bassist, Eddie. Drawn for the Monster Mash Anthology.
Tagged: comic • horror • violence • mummy

Da comic!


Eddie and Dahlia came abouts from me playing too much Fallout New Vegas and wanting Danny Trejo to be my voice claim for a character with extreme manpain. What greater manpain than a dead wife? What about being dead himself?!!? So of course I took Raul the Ghoul's quest name and ran with it.

I also really enjoyed the idea of having a mummy character who wasn't a stereotypical cartoon bandage mummy. You know I like my reversals and subversions. There are other types of mummies ya know. Eddie happens to be the kind that was buried in the desert and dried out semi-naturally. Only SEMI-naturally cos he was murdered.

Funnily enough, one of the suggestions the person running the Monster Mash Anthology made to me was to have Eddie appear to be more of a stereotypical cartoon bandaged mummy. Evidently I didn't go with that suggestion lol. I like Eddie dehydrated and skeletal, with just that lil veneer of flesh over bone! C'mon, even bandaged mummies look like that after you take the bandaids off!

This comic was drawn on the bus to school with ballpoint pen in a lined paper notebook. It was supposed to be corny and feel like a B-movie, but I feel like I didn't go over-the-top enough. Next time! Plus Eddie n' Dahlia have gone through a couple of redesigns by now.