🔞 This character's page contains depictions of violence, murder, and mummification.

Sanch was most well known for playing bass guitar for the band Pussywhip.


Eduardo was born in the 1930's in sunny Los Angeles, California. His parental units were from Mexico.

During the 1950's, Eddie met his future fiance, Dahlia, during a cross-continental motorcycle trip. She moved with him to California to settle down together. Dahlia worked as a waitress at a bar. Eddie worked as an automobile mechanic.

Unknown to any authority, Eddie became the bass player of the hard rock band Pussywhip in 1984. With the fair success of the band in the 80's, Eddie opened his own repair body shop. In his idle time, he rode a motorcycle aimlessly through the Los Angeles desert in an attempt to find his wife's body. He had no desire for vengeance or justice. He just missed his wife.

Pussywhip disbanded in the early 1990's. In the 1990's and 2000's, Eddie lived in a mobile home in Palm Springs with his friend and former bandmate Skeets. He continued to manage his body shop until his final death.


Murder Mystery

In the summer of 1953, the day before they were set to be wed, Eddie found Dahlia murdered in their house. The assailant was still in the building, and ambushed him. He was stripped, with wrists and ankles bound, and sealed alive in a radioctive waste barrel. The murderer and motive was never found, and thrown into the police unsolved mysteries box.

The barrel was dug up in 1983 by real estate prospectors. Once opened, Eddie's body was found in a preserved and dehydrated state with no radioactive goop to be found. His body was not identified and matched with his murder case, due to miscommunication with forensics officers. The mummified corpse was accidentally sent to a historical museum in Los Angeles, where it was falsely exhibited as an ancient pre-Colombian mummy.

Museum Mystery

In the mid 1980's, Eddie's body went missing from the museum exhibit. The glass enclosure was shattered, though the single museum staff present that night could not recall hearing anything. Ashamed to admit that the corpse was stolen and had a completely falsified "historical" story, the museum did not attempt to search for the body or point the finger of blame.



He is fairly wrinkly and sun-dried. His skintone is a bronze-brown close to mummy brown. Don't be afraid to give him pockmarks and scars!

When he's a dehydrated mummy, his skin desaturates and tightens up, with much more visible striation.

Facial features:

He has a prominent, sharp, downward turned nose. His eyebrows are thick and bushy. His eyes and teeth are yellowed from nicotine stains and age.

His facial hair grows quickly, and he often sports stubble or fuzzy beard whiskers. He doesn't shave his facial hair in a pattern, preferring to try to keep it clean or let it grow naturally.


He has gauges in both his ears, about 2 inches across. Toss ping pong balls in em! Feel free to give him facial piercings, his design originally had them but I always forget to draw any.


His head hair is naturally black and wavy. When he ties it back into a ponytail, he combs it very tight, slick, and straight to his scalp, while the actual ponytail retains the waves. The sides of his head are shaved so his long hair isn't too heavy.


He's compact! He's muscular from just doin' chores, but he's not toned at all. Wide torso, big arms, boobs n' belly. Legs should be sturdy enough to support his trunk. Think Glenn Danzig, but even chonkier.


Red roses with thorns, mirrored on both wrists. A big grayscale chest tattoo of an eagle that spreads over both pecs.


Casual: Keep it simple! A white t-shirt with blue or black jeans does the trick. Pair with pointed cowboy boots or square toed motorcycle boots, and you've got a winning combo. The black leather motorcycle jacket keeps him cosy when he's ridin' dirty.

On stage:It gets hot up there! Eddie takes his shirt off to reveal his beautiful body, but keeps the jeans and boots on. He styles his hair into a messy mohawk (deathhawk) on stage, that goes in all sorts of directions instead of sticking straight up.



Dahlia (wife)


Vicky, Skeets, Angus


Shane and I figured that they'd probably bond over their cold cases. There is no chaser for the murder plot. No one knows who killed him, and no one ever will. These things happen, and nothing is solved, and no one will care. The incompetency of systems is some kinda theme with Sanch and Skeets's stories.

Skeets has a very friendly relationship to Sanch. Sanch drives him around on his motorcycle, helps Skeets pick out clothes he wants to buy (is it a floral or paisley pattern, dear?) . In a nicer universe they'd just be roommates in their lil tincan trailer filled with potted ceiling plants and a lil garden outside. But you know me!!! Gotta have those uncomfortable one-sided attractions from the lil guys to the old guys that make everything awkward and anxiety inducing. Shane REALLY wants Skeets and Sanch to ~end up together~, but I think after all the Senspai stuff, my heart can't do it...

Skeetsanch is definitely intentionally very dad-zoned. I'd call my character dynamic of Sanch and Skeets more incestuous (though they're not related) than my Scout and Spy (WHO ARE NOT RELATED!!!!). Skeets gives unwanted affection to Sanch, who's already got a wife and sees Skeets as a child lol. It's very similar to my Liv and Basile dynamic. Liv and Skeet give off clueless vibes (but who knows how clueless they actually are, versus manipulating perceptions of them as young and stupid?). And Sanch/Basile gotta fend it off, cuz they don't want this sort of relationship cuz I have a personal taste for non-creepy-old-men.

I didn't really realize it til like this year, but Skeets and Sanch is probably the main core of the one-sided relationships I enjoy writing and drawing right now :^) I had good taste even in high school. But TOO GOOD TASTE - I enjoy the age difference dynamic a LOT, but I don't like the older one to be a predator or even reciprocate affections. No touchy!! Unless the gorl scout forces her hand...

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His name is inspired by the 90's comic character Eddie Brock/Venom as well as the professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

I made my own Eddie character, cuz I fell in love with Raul Tejada from Fallout: New Vegas and wanted to do more with a character like him outside an apocalyptic setting. Obvious, Raul's voice actor Danny Trejo played a huge part in my own character's looks. I really love a good senior citizen manpain story! Raul’s story is about his sister, but I gave Eddie a wife in Dahlia to be manpained AND dadpained about.

I also loved the band Queens of The Stone Age as a wee middle schooler. The video for Go With The Flow was a great visual inspiration for me with the start black, red, and white colors. I don't have a special interest in cars, but they seem pretty cool in the video!

Please view this image album of my inspirations for Eddie.

Eddie remains a big meaty center for another character of mine, Basile. Other than the obvious physical traits, I think Sanch's character morphed into the conscience and emotional heart of Senspai. Guilty, overwhelmed, depressed, languid, sludgey metal...even (gasp) that lil bit of CARING that Senspai has in his heart. Also has a little dude smothering him with affection..


Press release shots, album covers, misc promotional material, and photos taken by paparazzi and fans.

That's him!


Watch out for skeletons n' blood!

Bonus ducks!

Have some old pictures of Eddie when he was skinnier and taller. He's shrunk and gotten fatter with age!