The Goblin's Hole

🎃 Souvenirs 🍬

Trick or Treat!

Deep in the warm folds of the hole, you've found the gift shop. Shopping carts are strewn around, and the display stands are wrecked. But there's still Oscorp merchandise stocked on the shelves. Perhaps Harry has been taking care of the family business?

As befits the Goblin's completely irrelevant Halloween theme, take one, or five, or fifty. Everything is free, especially the pumpkin bombs and globulin green!

Right-click to save a treat, and upload it to your own site to spread the disease!

If you want the shadow effect on your own page, please right-click and "view source" on my page to see the ".sticker" css drop shadow for your copy/pasting pleasure.

No credit necessary, but feel free to link to me and lead your guests into THE GOBLIN HOLE.

Don't forget to watch out for razors and LSD in your candy! 🪒😜🍫

Adoptable Dolls

These dolls were sewn together, pixel by pixel, by my wife Shane. Put them on your shelf and admire the craftsmanship. Don't be alarmed if the Harry poppit starts crying autonomously at night.

A comics style Norman doll, complete with red waves! It's filled with meat inside.
A sad lil' Harry Doll. It goes "MAMA" when you squeeze his hand. Will you comb his bacon bits?

Web ratings

Inspired by Mabsland's web ratings that I remember seeing Back In Tha Day. Use 'em to suggest age ratings for your site!


Lil stickers to collect and paste all over your page! Feel free to print them and cut them out to make IRL stickers. These illustrations were created by yours truly, the unpaid Oscorp intern.

90's Norman Osborn hoping you enjoy the stew.
90's Goblin wanting to be let out.
90's Peter Parker Pride.
Dafoe Goblin Butt.
Comics Goblin Butt.
Spider Butt.
Off-model Spider butt.


I used oleduh-tay's stamp template to make these! The tiny pixel font is Silk Screen by Jason Kottke.

Goblin Hole

Can you survive the Goblin's Hole?
I survived the Goblin's Hole!


I sigh for goblin thighs
I sigh for goblin thighs
I <3 my mental illness!
I <3 my mental illness!
I <3 my mental illness!
I <3 my dad!
Hope you enjoy the stew!
I did not enjoy the stew.


Spidey x Gobby: Spidey tops!!! #spidergoblin
"Wake up, little spider..." #spidergoblin
I kissed your dad and I liked it. #spidergoblin
I <3 your dad
Your dad <3's me

88x31 bumper stickers

This size seems to be popular amongst the youth.

Can you survive the Goblin's Hole?
I survived the Goblin's Hole!
Spidey tops!!! #spidergoblin