The Goblin's Hole

Inside The Goblin's Hole...

"You've fallen, and you can't get up! Stuck in glowing green goo, you pull yourself out of the slick onto the wet cavern floor. Everything feels meaty and moist, mushrooms grow from strange crevices, and you hear cackling in the distance.

You've wandered into... The Goblin Hole.

Mythological goblins live in grottos, and the Green Goblin is no different! This Goblin Hole is wet, slimy, and a lil' smelly. But you can't help but feel warm and invited as well.

Pull a chair up next to Norman Osborn's Id, snuggle up to his Ego, then get ready for this unpaid Oscorp intern's fun facts and opinions on a cartoon character wearing a purple thong onesie."

24 hours a day
7 days a week
369 days a year


❓ What Hole?

THE GOBLIN HOLE is a fan site for The Green Goblin. This site is recommended for ages 14+. I use coarse language, and discuss some of the cartoon and comics' heavier subjects through the lens of an adult.

The Green Goblin is a Halloween-themed Spider-Man villain who resembles an effeminate witch. His alter-ego is Norman Osborn, a business man and father. In some versions, Norman is a calculated evil businessman who dresses up in the skimpy goblin costume to let go after work. In other appearances, Norman is a victim of a Jekyll and Hyde complex, in which the Goblin is a part of his personality that manifests his darkest desires.

I have some thoughts about the Green Goblin in relation to depictions of mental illness, economic class, queerness, generational trauma, and pale men with hair interpreted as ginger waves or cornrows. Those rambles shall be condensed here in The Goblin Hole as nutritional packets.

Mostly, I wonder why the Green Goblin seems rather unpopular in terms of cartoon villains. Guess they never used Spider-man's biggest enemy in the new movies, and he's not considered "sexy" enough for fanblogging, so he hasn't stuck in public conscious enough!

❓ Why Hole?

comic green goblin butt meme
green goblin dafoe butt meme

I love the Green Goblin from Spider-Man.

I first loved the Goblin with kitty teeth from the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. Then Dafoe's Goblin from the 2002 movie changed my love life forever.

I enjoy the Jekyll and Hyde love/hate relationship between Norman and the Goblin. I also love Harry's love/hate relationship with his awful abusive dad. And now, thanks to my wife, I now know that Peter Parker gets to love/hate Goblin booty.

I also wanted to make a Halloween themed website with my sparse web design skills. What better subject than DA GOBLIN?!

❓ Who Hole?

I'm just some guy. You can call me whatever you know me as, whether it's SCUMSUCK, tempural, deda, or whatever.

I draw comics and cartoons, possibly influenced from my childhood obsession with the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. I used to cry and hide the CRT tv screen from my grandpa (by blocking it with my body) when Spider-Man came on, because I thought it was too scary and sexual for me to be watching. My favorite episodes were the ones with Morbius.

My knowledge of Spider-Man is mostly from the multiple animated TV shows, and the Raimi movies. I've read some of the comics, but I'm not a lorebeard. I have no interest in MCU.

You can check out the rest of my site at scumsuck.com.

❓Where Hole?

This site is hosted on Neocities. The HTML/CSS is coded by hand in VSCode, and based on my Dafoe shrine's layout. I cleaned up the code and styled it in a Halloweenie fashion.

This site is best viewed on a Chromium browser, at 1920x1080 resolution with Javascript enabled for the menus. It should be mobile responsive, but may look funny because I prioritize looking at my sites on a desktop computer. I did most of the mobile coding laying flat on my back while typing on my phone, so that may exacerbate issues.

Lemme know if anything looks funny by emailing me at [contact@scumsuck.com].

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