Gorl Scoutz Rule!

gorl scout zine comic saying there's info in spanish
¡Información en ESPAÑOL!

A word from your camp organizer, Liv...

Howdy guys, gals, n’ non-Spynary pals!


These here pages will engorge your tiny freakin’ heads with everything you need to be the very best Gorl Scout! Straight from the giant freakin’ brains of us: Your marketplace certified Genuine Unusual Self-Made Gorl Scoutz!

Ms. Pauling and the Admin ain’t the only GORLZ on 2fort! Maybe y’ain’t seen us GORLZ on da field, just cuz those guys who operate valves were too lazy to mesh n’ texture us. But we out there! We’re Genuine, Unusual, and Self-made! What’s a Gorl? Whatever we wanna be, slimos! Y’can call us Mary Sues, even if that ain’t what my momma named me! Y’think us Gorl Scouts ain’t nothin’ but boobs n butt? That’s a bunch of poodoo!!! We’re more than a pretty face n’ big slappy! Some of us don’t even HAVE asses!

Not a Gorl? Not a Scout? Doncha worry, cuz everything we’ll teach you can be applied to any class n’ any genda! Even a stinky BOY Sniper needs to know what to pack for camping. Even a DemoMAN needs new energy-boostin’ drink recs! And hell, maybe that old frog Spy can finally learn a thing or two ‘bout dancin’ n’ romancin’ from us sex bombs Gorl Scouts!

So load up that Pretty Girl Pocket Pistol, n’ chug that Ma’am Milk! We’re gonna kick bubblegum n’ chew asses, and we’re all outta ass.

Gorl Scoutz RULE!!!!

Kelteu's story: Girls, Guns, Milkshakes! / (¡)Chikas, Pistolas, Malteadas!

Extra photos!


Spanish pages!

★ Gorl Scoutz Rule! A Field Guide!:

think emoji girl scout, art by ONAIR00

art by onair00

Are you a Scout?

Are you a GIRL?

Tired of all those STINKY BOYS getting all the attention?

Urge to maim, destroy, and rampage rising?

You don’t need to be a girl, or a scout, to buy...


In these pages, you’ll learn the mystical arts of GIRLING, and being a scout, from the GREATEST of Girls who are Scouts. From what to wear if you’re a girl on the go, what to drink when you need to fuel your bloodlust, how to grow boobs, and even wat music to play when you kidnap your date for prom, we'll tell it all! Like where the coolest girls get sick tats, your daily horoscope, the tastiest cookies, or how to hide a body!

Plus, FUN ACTIVIES AND STORY TIME are included too!


Before I bought the Gorl Scoutz Rule Field Guide Extravaganza, I was just a loser scout on the bottom of the scoreboard! Now I’m a girl! And I have a wicked hot girlfriend! I lead my team in K/D/A, I get mistaken for a 12 year old even though I’m well into my 40’s, and my life has never been better since I learned how to fire a gun!

- Liv

We have fun stickers to collect and give to friends! She’s a Capricorn and I’m a cancer! holographic sticker

Postcards to brag to your peers about the times you actually leave the house! holographic sticker

And bookmarks for those lucky Scouts who are actually literate!

So giddy up buttercups, grab your non-dairy milk products, and stick some nails into your baseball bats! Mail order the GORL SCOUT RULE FIELD GUIDE ZINE EXTRAVAGANZA NOW at SCUMSUCK DOT COM! That's SCUMSUCK, dot COM!

All proceeds will go towards zine printing costs, and go to benefit the scouts who made this zine so they can fuel their energy drink addictions. This zine is handmade with blood sweat and tears by scouts forced to print and staple endless amounts of paper for your viewing entertainment. This zine is not related to any scouting organizations real or fictional and any resemblances are purely coincidental. Buy the gorl scout zine NOW.

★ Contributing Scouts!:

Desdemona :
Distasty :
ao3 @ distasty
Johnny :
Junie :
Karamell :
Kelteu :
ao3 @ 2xcross
Lukadian :
PlantAIR :
Sh33pHitsuji :
spillingdown :
TB :
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Deflectric :

★ The Real Deets!


The "Gorl Scoutz RULE! A Field Guide" print zine is edited by SCUMSUCK and Deflectric.

This is a DIY zine. The physical zine will be printed and cut in my home studio, and binded like a yaoi necronomicon. Merch like stickers and art prints will also be made in my home studio. Hooray for self-sustaining art!

It's a parody scouting handbook and activity book, celebrating FemScouts and their history in the fandom, as well as reflecting on girlhood in general.  The tone is tongue-in-cheek, contrasting a bit of childishness with the world of an M rated 17+ bloody game like TF2.  Think coloring pages, crossword puzzles, spotlights on characters, cute drawings of our Scouts doin' Scout things like stealing briefcases and beating people up...!  The in-game world of TF2 is the setting, with all the silliness of capturing points and non-dairy Mad Milk.  Other characters flesh out the world, but the focus is on the GIRL SCOUT!!!

ZINE PHYSICAL SPECS: 8.5X5.5", color cover (on kraft paper), 40 pgs black/red/blue/white interiors.
PRICE $5 digital PDF zine.

A: A Scout’s Day Tripper bundle
$10 zine + PDF

B: Best Scout’s Overnight Survival bundle
$20 zine + bookmark + 6 stickers

C: Cool Ultimate Gamer Gorl bundle
$36 zine + bookmark + 6 stickers + 2 sticker sheets + 2 postcard prints

D: DYNAMIC DRAWING BUNDLE (only 3 available)
$70 everything in the C bundle, plus I draw your OC as a (Gorl) Scout. Email me at contact@scumsuck.com with your order number, as well as ref for your OC!

$100 everything in the C bundle, plus the 11x14 original ink drawing for the zine cover!!

CONTRIBUTOR COMPENSATION A copy of the physical zine + digital PDF, all merch, and split profit! Whether we sell one copy or 50 copies, we're splitting it! The TF2 gore zine managed to split $60 between each artist, so I'm aiming for $20 on this smaller project. I'll be personally drawing an illustration of all our Scouts interacting together!

IMPORTANT: All contributors will receive a physical copy of the zine IF USPS ships to their country. Double-check with your country's package restrictions. I had some issues shipping the TF2 GORE ZINE and other NSFW content to certain countries before.
TYPE OF ART: drawings + comics + SFM + writing.

★ Contributor rights:

All contributors retain the rights to their art and writing they submit. They can use their own art however they wish, without attributing me or the zine.

All profits from pre-order sales will be split between contributors, after taking into account printing costs and shipping.

By participating, contributors are granting me the temporary rights to reprint the art + writing for the zine during the printing period (which will last til the summer of the year 2021), and reproduce their work on my website with credit to the artist for an indefinite period of time. After the printing period, I will no longer reprint their work. As long as the zine remains on my website, their work will remain reproduced on my site.

Should an artist no longer wish for their work to be viewable on my website, they should email me at CONTACT@SCUMSUCK.COM and let me know that they want me to take their work down!  I'll do it no questions asked, and leave in blank filler in the work's place.