As of October 4th, 2023, this is what I'm up to.

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Now Being...

Where am I?

I am in the United States and will be residing there for the forseeable future.

Online, I have made my home comfortably on this website. I post my art to Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. I ramble more on the fediverse, specifically on Blorbo and Aethy.

My internet interactions are mostly through fediverse comments or email. I go on HUGE rambles on Dreamwidth. Discord and other instant messengers are too much for me.

Who am I?

I'm still an artist. I'm running my online shop and sticker club, doing commissions, and working on freelance stuff. My personal work will focus even more on getting comics and zines DIY printed, and getting the stories of my characters out of my head.

I'm still taking care of animals in a nonprofessional capacity. We have many pets (dogs, cats, chickens), and a lot of empathy. If there's ever a dog or cat in the neighborhood that needs help, whether a neighbor's pet, a lost pet, or a wild cat that needs TNR, we're there.

Now Seeing...


    • Finishing Baki anime.
    • Falling asleep to Kaizo Ironmon speedruns.
    • ExarionU has been the most chill to fall asleep with, plus they got that spreadsheet gaming.
    • Re-re-rewatching Venture Bros after watching the 2023 movie.
    • Have to watch 2023 Metalocalypse movie.


    • Baki manga

Now Doing...


    • Home improvement!
    • Composting!
    • Building stuff in our yard!

    Web Dev

    • My Fujofans fan listing is being maintained, but updates are slowed down as I reformat my socialization drive.
    • I want to make a page to document what this site looked like through the years.
    • Halloween page?
    • Reformat gorl scout zine pages.

    Store Stuff

    • Basile/Latex Spy daki - coffin shape for back-side?
    • Kinbaku "Baddies" charms - Slade, Goblin, Penguin, Dagoth Ur...

    Comic projects

    • My webcomic Just Gorly Thingz is updating.
    • I must scan and edit my pages for the Gramps + Weenie Zine.
    • I need to ink the last 4 pages of the Bork x Pwual comic.
    • Write down idea for gorl scout mailing teacher comic.
    • I am constantly brainstorming for my Tentaspy doujin.
    • Shane wants to brainstorm for Pussywhip #2, which will be more in the style of an 80's music fanzine.


    • If you ask nicely, I'll upload my Hospital animatic starring Vicky and Angus.
    • Thinking about doing a collaboration Scout x Spy short set to the song "She's Tight" by Cheap Trick. Unmonetizable, but I like boomer rock.
    • Want to do a retro ad for Pussywhip #2, in the style of the Gorl Scout Zine ad.

    Collab Zines

      All collabs are in perma-hiatus while I recalibrate my socialization bar.
    • EVIL BOTTOMS zine. Every Villain Is Lubricated. All villains, all bottoms.
    • Poulpe de Scylla - Tentaspy zine. Different species of sea creatures and their biology. May include Scoutspy as the historical basis.
    • Old Man Uke comic anthology.