Gorl Scoutz RULE: A Zine Animation

PG-13 for boob jokes and comic violence.

This is a fake ad, you can actually just read our zine for free!

Collaborative animation by: SCUMSUCK / Analori /Deflectric

Narration by Liv. Videos of the zine shot by me.


A bedtime story about a alien boy named Johnny. Stop motion animation combined with 2D animation drawings.

Cherry Animatic

PG-13 for boob jokes.

Animatic about my heavy metal characters. Every frame was drawn in pencil then scanned in laboriously, why would you ever do that?!

The Butcher of Tampa Bay

PG-13 for comic violence.

A short pencil animation about Tomathan's job as a butcher. Every frame was drawn in pencil then photographed with a camera laboriously. Hmm...