illustration compilation of a male character wearing multiple outfits illustration compilation of a male character wearing multiple outfits
Name Oliver Li
Nicknames Ollie, Scout, Skeeter, Scoot, Scunt, Pussy Destroyer
Age 23-27
Height Under 5'5"
Origins Massachusetts, USA. Of Chinese-Irish descent. Raised Catholic.
Birthday April 1st (♈︎), Late 1980's
Fav food Rotisserie chicken from Costco
Fashion Default outfit: red hoodie with black sweatpants (white stripes). Abibas sneakers. Striped kneesocks. He usually dresses in anything loose and baggy to hide his thin body.
Other traits Both ears pierced with stud earring.
Brown eyes (light-medium).
Brown hair (mousey, depicted as flesh colored).
Light freckles.
Thin, short, slight of frame, scrawny with tightly packed muscle. Small shoulders with larger hips (pear shaped).
Unable to grow significant amounts of body or facial hair. The best he can hope for is a single sprig on his chest, or a light dusting of dirtstache.
Undiagnosed everything.
Bio The youngest runt child of an absent alcoholic mother and missing father, he's a boring no-hoper who sells weed and doesn't know what to do with his life. He dropped out of high school and lives in his mom's house. Shoplifter, delinquent, dealer, small time gang activity. He was in juvie for a short stint after shooting and killing someone in self-defense (the first time he had handled a gun). He dreamed of playing baseball for his favorite team when he was very young, but that's a lost cause now. He has no prospects for the future, so he might see if the military accepts him (despite his offenses) and wait for what happens next.

illustration of a man in latex mask
Name Basile Scylla
Nicknames Mister S, Mistah Ess, Spion, Spoih (all only by Ollie)
Age 55-58
Height 5'10", looks 6'1" because he wears heeled boots.
Origins France. Of pan-European descent and Mediterranean+North-African descent (Algerian+Arabic+Spanish+Italian+Greek?) that he cannot trace. Lapsed Catholic.
Birthday October 28th (♏︎︎), 1960's
Fav food Mac n' cheese (learned about it from Ollie)
Fashion Default outfit: Navy suit with vest and white collared shirt. Takes jacket off usually. Reading glasses sometimes. He dresses semi-professionally for work and is def seen as ostentatious, pretentious, and over-dressed. On offdays, he stays sharp in too-tight puppy-hugging turtlenecks.
Other traits Grey-blue eyes (light).
Black hair (graying).
Prominent nose and cheekbones.
Sickly thin waist, hips, and legs, but a good amount of meat on his upper torso. Small hands and feet. Large shoulders with small hips.
Quite hirsute in body and facial hair. Grows a unibrow and beard quite easily. Occasionally grooms unibrow. Occasionally grows tiny creepy moustache. Never shaves his body.
Undiagnosed suicidal depression that otherse see as quirky French melancholy.
Bio He currently teaches first level French. Depending on the universe, he's either teaching at an high school, or a community college. Both universes are set in the early 2010's, in "urban working class" neighborhoods as Wikipedia calls it. He is not trained or licensed to teach. Heavily indebted to the criminal organizations he used to work for, he's tired and beat and broke. But he still drives a lil' red Corvette and tries to dress his best. He probably has lung cancer from smoking since the age of 5.

Currently, he's being harassed by Ollie. Depending on the universe, Ollie is either one of his worst students, or a gym teacher at their school.

Grew up in France. No parents. Nun orphanage. Dumped out into the world, travelled the world. In the 80's (when he was in his 20's), he was in the business of drug trade with his BEST FWIEND Alois/The Doctor. He accidentally-on-purpose slept with one of the Bosses' daughters, and his punishment was for the doctor to mutilate his genitals.

There is an AU where he's as old as he is now, but still does spy work in a latex catsuit cuz he's desperate for money. Ollie tags along on accident. This is the LATEX SPY category.