Lil' Ronnie ~♥

Ronnie goes to an unspecified community college and majors in sculpting. The professor for her current sculpting class is Tiger Herbie, a renowned and near-retired sculuptor who lost his eyesight in The War.


Born to an African-American father and Vietnamese mother in New York City, USA, she grew up as an only child. She was bullied quite a bit as a child for being "weird". She honed her figurative sculpting skills with playdough, and she still uses it along with sculpey and clay.

When she's chilling at home, she uses her art powers to create dank yaoi of her favorite copyrighted characters (and her favorite teacher). Don't insult her ships, or she'll come to your house at night with her yaoi paddle.

Sometimes at night, she creeps n' stalks in her favorite Halloween costume. Who is she creepin' n stalkin'? Who knows! She's part fujoshi, and part yumejoshi, so she's quite dangerous.


Lil Ronnie's current sculpting professor is Tiger Herbie. She knew of his work before she ever had his class, and has a bit of an unhealthy fangirl obsession with him.

Because of her fangirl nature, she knows too much about his personal life from years of internet searches and hoarding interviews. She's also managed to find his address and personal phone number.

Mr. Herbie wants to help Ronnie's art thrive, as he does for all his students, but he is slightly cautious around Ronnie for good reason. Mr. Herbie may know Mr. S. from rubbing elbows in their wanton youth.



She has brown skin and light freckles.

Facial features:

She has large, watery brown eyes. Her nose is round and protrudes prominently, and she has a cleft (hare) lip scar.


Her hair is long, curly and black. She puts it up in a big bun, to keep it out of the way when she's making art.


She has sturdy limbs made for carrying 50lbs blocks of clay. Her hips are pear-shaped with a flat chest.

Her clothes tend to be Hot Topic goth in nature, and she often DIY's hair accessories from knicknacks she finds around Halloween season. She combines black with bright colors like purple, green, and yellow.

Her big boots are usually paired with knee or thigh socks in various patterns. The silhouettes she favors tend to contrast oversized shapes with skintight/revealing clothing at the same time.

When she's creepin' n' stalkin', she likes to wear a mask she sculpted in the shape of a bunny's face. She often pairs this with an all-black outfit to raise her Sneak skill to 100.



Drawing, sculpting, stalkin', gluing things together that should not be glued together, watching horror movies.

Favorite Food:

White Rabbit candy, green playdough.


High-pitched New England accent: Harley Quinn (BTAS) by Arleen Sorkin


She was originally a fem Scout character from the popular hat simulation game TF2. Now she has her own life and backstory.

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    Old art

    She came from my drawings for my Gorl Scout Zines. Her design is not as bunny-like as it would become yet!


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