Liv Li

illustration of a girl with face mask and ponytail

(♋︎), Late 1980's
(23-27 years old)
Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Gorl Scout



Under 5'5"

Under 110 lbs

Chestnut brown

Mousy brown

Light, can tan. Rosy cheeks.


Chinese on her mother's side, Irish on her dad's.


Reading yaoi, drawing yaoi, daydreaming, collecting pieces from her people of interest.

Favorite Food:
Spaghetti and meatballs.

Voice claims:
High-pitched New England accent:
Arleen Sorkin's Harley Quinn

First Appearance:
(2018) Senspai comics

She's a lovesick daydreamer. Her child-like appearance belies her capacity for stalking, violence, and general creepiness.


Liv is exactly the same person as Ollie, but a girl. She may appear in her own universe with Basile, or in universe alongside Ollie.

In school universes, she's an actual student attending school and trying her best to graduate. She runs track and field, as a long distance runner. Her grades are all C's at best, and she is miserably failing her French class.

Basile treats her with more kindness than Ollie because she is a girl. She may seem more quiet and shy, but in the end she is more dangerous to him and anyone else who captures her interest. People like Basile assume she is more innocent and naive, and in need of protection. Because she's not taken as seriously, she knows she can get away with certain things if she can keep her motivations on the down-low.

In some timelines, Basile is around the same age as her and is a girl in a higher class named Anise. Liv has a crush on Anise, which Anise does not reciprocate. Anise is crueler to Liv as a classmate, but Liv still fawns over her like a stupid puppy.


Most of her appearance is the same as Ollie. She retains the same face and body type, do not make her look more "feminine".

Her hair is mousy brown and straight, and tied into a ponytail. She has a long, loose fringe and her hair is parted in 70/30 proportions. When her hair is down, it reaches her shoulder blades.

She has the same body as Ollie. She usually has the same type of genitals as Ollie in the universes in which they exist together.

She favors reds, black, and yellow for colors. Hoodies, skirts, sneakers, and kneesocks are a regular part of her wardrobe. She'll wear anything loose and baggy to hide her thin body, but occasionally has fun with tanktops and shorts during the summer.

She has both ears pierced with studs. They come in lots of fun shapes like flowers, bees, cartoons, but usually they're just plain circles.


The Sc*ut-Chan OP is one of my main inspirations for Liv. The video perfectly encapsulates one of my favorite ScoutSpy dynamics, Scout crushing after Spy with no reciprocation. After finding this animation in 2018, I really was inspired to make a female Scout for myself. Thank you ub3rchain!

I'm also inspired by shoujo animes! Especially those with lovesick, sadistic girls who want to control the object of their obsession.

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