drawing of a man contemplating his nude painting

By purchasing a commission from me, you automatically agree to my TOS. Read it!

Terms are for private commissions, for personal use. NOT for commercial use, resale (such as NFTs), or reproduction. Commercial use must be discussed before purchase.

Prices are subject to change depending on the subject's complexity and amount of characters.

traditional art base price
B/W ink sketch $55
B/W ink + grayscale wash $85
B/W fine line "clean" ink $85
Ink + digital color $100
Traditonal watercolor $150
digital art (experimental!) base price
B/W ink sketch $45
Color ink sketch $75
design base price
Vinyl Sticker $75 (single design)
$100+ (sticker sheet)
Acrylic Charm $75 (one design on front and back)
$100+ (two designs on front and back)
Mousepad $75
Pillowcase $150 (one design on front and back)
$250 (two designs on front and back)
Full Length Dakimakura $250 (one design on front and back)
$350 (two designs on front and back)
Mailing art in the USA +$5 USPS first class
Mailing art internationally +$15 USPS first class
Physical print of digital art +$5 (4x6 inches)
+$10 (8.5x11)
+$15 (11x17)

If you ask me to draw:

  • my own characters
  • Willem Dafoe
  • Spy TF2

    I'll give you $10 off lol

  • Art

    Traditional brush and ink art is my ol' reliable forte. I currently use a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen refilled with Noodler's ink, and various brands of bristol board. Sizes are available in (inches) 9x12, 11x14, and 13x17.

    All my digital art is experimental as I try out new brushes and techniques. If there is a particular style you want, please show me one of my own pieces as reference.

    Design commissions may come with physical objects featuring the commission art. Please read the descriptions to see what comes with the specific commission type.

    man contemplating his nude painting

    Standard Process

    Let's order a commission!

    1. Email me at [ contact@scumsuck.com ] with the subject "Commission Quote".

    Please include:
    a) type of commission (traditional, digital)
    b) size of canvas (traditional: 9x12, 11x14, 13x17. digital: any size)
    c) subject, with a couple sentences about the subject's vibes
    d) headshot, bust, or full-body. (No cost difference. Headshots and busts will have more detail proportionately)

    Optionally, you may include:
    + pose (I can brainstorm one for you)
    + visual or photo references (I can design a character reference for you for an additional fee)
    + whether you'd like shipping for the physical drawing, or physical prints.
    + whether you'd like to keep the commission private, and not posted on social media.

    For tattoo designs:

    Please give me the size of the tattoo in inches, and where on your body you'd like the art.

    If you want a color tattoo design, let me know what colors you want.

    If you have a tattoo artist in mind, please send me their website/social media so I can see how best to work my art with their style!

    I’ll be happy to answer any n’ all questions, and will let you know if my queue is open.

    2. If I agree to your commission, I will quote you a price. I will send a Square invoice to the email you used for the commission quote. Once your invoice is paid, I will start sketching!

    3. I will send you a pose sketch for confirmation. Please let me know any changes you'd like at this stage, and I'll happily accomodate them.

    4. I will continue to send you process photos or screenshots of the inking and coloring phases. You may request up to three changes at each of these phases.

    5. Once you have confirmed the final drawing, I will send you a 300dpi JPG or PNG of your art! I will also mail out the traditional art to the address you filled out on your Square invoice, if you chose that option.

    6. Done! Enjoy your art, and feel free to repost the commission art and use it as an icon/banner. You may use the 300dpi image for printing personal use posters, phone cases, etc.

    Should you repost the art, credit me as SCUMSUCK, and/or link to my social media (@SKUMSUCK) or my site (SCUMSUCK.com), cuz that's how I get more business and thus more monies for my weenies. Please refer to me as SCUMSUCK in any art of mine that you may repost, and do not refer to me with gendered terms.

    General info:


    You must be 18+ to order an adult commission from me. By messaging me with your commission request, and paying me, you automatically confirm that you are over 18 years of age.


    All communication will be via email. If I email you progress, and you do not respond within 4 weeks, I will drop the commission without refund so I can work on other commissions.


    B/W ink commissions typically take less than a week. Any color commissions may take upwards of a week, and sometimes a couple of months if it's a large project. Feel free to ask what my current turnaround time is.


    Tattoo designs and characters without existing visual art reference (character design), will incur an additional design fee.


    Extreme detail (tattoos, armor, mech, flowers) and backgrounds (Props, rooms, and buildings) will incur a fee on top of the original price.


    If you don't want me to post your commission on this page or social media, let me know. I post all commissions anonymously and unattributed by default.


    Ask about different sizes, mediums, and styles not presented on this commission page. Feel free to send me reference of my own art if there's a particular look you want. If you're not sure about a subject, feel free to ask.


    There is an option to tip me during the invoice step. If ya like how your commission came out, feel free to tip me on ko-fi!

    Can and Can't Draw

    I can draw: I can't draw:
    OCs + self insertspee and poo
    fanartdepictions of child abuse*
    romance | peepees ♡hate speech/symbols**
    monsters | animals | anthrorevenge porn***
    eroguro | death | necro | gore | vomitanything i don't wannna draw
    leather | latex
    real people ♡♡
    all bodies, skin tones, gender expressions

    EX: Pretty much any fictional pairing is fine, be it fluffy handholding or narusasu hatestabbing.

    ♡♡ EX: I can draw a portrait of you, your mom, and your GF no problem. It will be cartoony and not realistic. Ask about RPF -- Something like KISS or wrestlers with costumed outrageous personas is very comfortable for me.

    * EX: "Child abuse" defined as teenage or younger characters being violently/sexually assaulted, or situations like grooming. Cartoony violence, or Hard Candy scenarios (kid attacking an adult lol) are fine .

    ** EX: Modified military uniforms are ok. No symbols like swastikas, confed flags, etc. Nothing that promotes hatred towards real groups of humans: racism, anti-semitism, bigotry towards any sexuality and gender, and so on.

    *** EX: "Revenge porn" defined as porn depicting a real person or someone else's OCs without their explicit consent, even without malicious intent. Peepees of characters from popular, mass-produced media are fine.

    Message me if you're unsure about anything, I'll be happy to answer any questions. I am not judgemental of any proposed subject and will keep all information we discuss private.